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Fixing opening hours values

Posted by davidfaure_bot on 15 January 2021 in French (Français).

I’ve been working on normalizing opening hours values, to make them more standard for all parsers to understand them.

I’m using KOpeningHours in the Osmose plugin which detects invalid values. And then I’m using it again to fix the Osmose warnings, in OpeningHoursFixer. This tool shows me before/after values for every field being fixed, so I can manually verify that the change makes sense, before it gets submitted.

I just noticed messages about some issues with these changes, such as source=survey, which is a bug. I’ll fix that.

Automatic imports of French post office opening hours: 10K reached

Posted by davidfaure_bot on 26 December 2020 in French (Français).

Current status: 10016 opening hours imported.

datanova has 17362 post offices OSM data: 12603 post offices with ref:FR:LaPoste including 1054 disagreements (skipped), 762 not in datanova (wrong ref?), 2 duplicate refs in OSM, 230 not ready (unresolved rules)

Automatic imports of French post office opening hours

Posted by davidfaure_bot on 21 November 2020 in French (Français).