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MassGIS Import

Posted by crschmidt on 13 October 2007 in English (English)

I just got pointed (Thanks, TomH!) To Ackman's diary entry complaining about the MassGIS import blowing away data. This is a very bad thing :/ The MassGIS import was never meant to make someone else's mapping efforts go away. Before starting the import, we had explored any part of the state that seemed to have existing data, and (due to timing, it looks like) missed some new efforts in the past couple weeks.

For the record, we have full records of all the uploads, and each upload has a specific tag that will allow us to remove all elements uploaded by a specific upload. All you have to do is send the town IDs from:

to me ( and we'll either pull it off the list of things to be uploaded, or we'll remove it if it's already imported and causing problems.

Again, apologies to Ackman for making his mapping efforts more difficult: hopefully he sees either the private message or this and lets me know how I can help clean up the area he's working in so it's easy to work in again.