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closed 2898815 Robert Whittaker

Does a continuation of the historic route of Wells Road head west from here? #surveyme

closed 2783089

The Abbey Gardens has now been extended into this area - survey required.

closed 3091980 houbara

Add path (old road)

via StreetComplete 38.2

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closed 3322681 Pink Duck

This mini-roundabout due to be replaced by traffic lights by 8th Nov 2022.

closed 2660402

Bric o Brac

closed 2898172 Robert Whittaker

Is there a pedestrian crossing point here, and a footway link going south-east to join with Harman's Lane? #surveyme

closed 2248390 OKHBrockdish

Public House

closed 2753119 Village90

Playground is a collection of outdoor activities, swings, climbing frames, playhouses for various age groups and not sports pitch.

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closed 2174517 Pink Duck

Right turn from A140 into B1077 to be banned late 2020 or thereafter.

closed 2174518 Pink Duck

New roundabout on A140 under construction here for opening late 2020

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