Pink Duck

Mapper since: January 14, 2009

Advice: Do not abbreviate or contract name tags; for example, use Saint Margaret instead of St Margaret. Why? Think search engine design; maximal up-front quality information, automated presentational reduction for dense cartography (e.g. OS A–Z).

Notable Information: According to Department for Transport, dual carriageway on/off-slips are 60 mph NSL unless otherwise stated

Areas worked on: Road names, Speed limits (prefer GB:national over GB:nsl_single), Tertiary/Unclassified road references (official_ref), Power networks, Public transport routes, Post boxes, Winter salting routes, Schools, Churches, Give-way signs (for routing cost estimates at cross-roads), Village signs

Inspiration: The 16 months it took TeleAtlas to update their map after I reported car/truck-blocking bollards near my home with a photo. In that time frame, I had contributed to Norwich mapping to near total road network completion.