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DeepDream maps in OSM

Posted by chippy on 3 July 2015 in English (English).

Recently Google Research labs published details about “Deep Dream”

Its useful for visualizing how a neural net works - the neural net is asked to find images within other images. (usually its used to classify what’s in an image) The result is hallucinatory, or dream like.

So I thought about how about what if we give it a map or two? here we go:

Liverpool Liverpool DeepDream

Leeds #1 leeds DeepDream

Leeds #2 leeds DeepDream Made using

OpenStreetMap on Reddit

There’s another forum for communication - an OpenStreetMap Subreddit on the reddit website - It’s got 1,400 subscribers already!

UserTools JOSM plugin fixed

Posted by chippy on 17 January 2009 in English (English). Last updated on 13 March 2014.

So, I got around to reinstalling Eclipse, and fixing the usertools plugin to work with the new JOSM, but some kind hearted JOSM developers beat me to it (not really surprising, I was dragging heals) but they didn't get around to updating the .jar file for JOSM to download. This should now be all sorted, though, thanks to crschmidt!

You can get it here and it will also be picked up by JOSM. (version 13055)


for the North region.

We'll be having the first regional social get together with tea, cake and/or beer pencilled in for Sunday 25th January in a location somewhere in Leeds.

Sign up to the list, and let's map the north!

Sheffield Barcamp Flash anim

Posted by chippy on 15 December 2008 in English (English).

At sheffield Barcamp, I made this flash animation, which has OSM maps!

Fun thing to "put sheffield on the map"

Location: City Centre, Sheffield, Sheffield City Region, England, S1 2HY, United Kingdom

McDonalds publish a map showing Western Sahara as apart from Morocco. Morocco complains. McDonalds says sorry and changes map. Now, the UN and several countries don't acknowledge Morocco's claim to the Western Sahara region. Bloggers on both sides upset.

(Google maps shows the border as a dashed line. Osmarender shows it as all Morocco, but with Western Sahara as a country-level label)

Location: Guelta Zemmur, caïdat de Gueltat Zemour قيادة كولتة زمور, cercle de Jraifia دائرة الجريفية, Boujdour Province, Morocco

tag cloud fun

Posted by chippy on 14 June 2008 in English (English).

map features wiki page tag cloud
made using

osm twiglet

Posted by chippy on 2 June 2008 in English (English).


I use this "twiglet" for putting on websites.


flipbook of mapping part animation

Posted by chippy on 16 February 2008 in English (English).



Motionbox sent one to me for free.

a "micro" mapping party, ending with the WYLUG social, to map parts of Leeds. Looking forward to it.
details here:

Location: Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS11 5QA, United Kingdom

Just made a plugin for helping with user / authors.

plugin adds a new menu item to the top bar.
Select map data, show the author panel (alt-a), select a user from that panel.
Using the menu, click to open browser to open that user's profile page, for easy messaging, looking at traces etc
Using the menu, click to replace the map selection with all the selected user's map data.

Make it a right click menu for author table
Add a show user panel button
list all users in data

suggestions welcome.


Leeds Mapping Party finalised

Posted by chippy on 7 September 2007 in English (English).

Just got final details for the Leeds Mapping Party, next weekend (15th and 16th September) Come along and help map the UK's 3rd largest city!*

9:45/10:00 - Starbucks Albion Street - upstairs, theres a room for us and space to spread out. Introductions, coffee, dividing out areas to map, the out mapping til
1pm - The Lounge, Merrion St. for lunch, beer, uploading, talks etc (Free internet and good food), the out for more mapping until
5pm - Beer at the Victoria Hotel Pub, Gt George Street.
7/8pm - Food somewhere! (curry?)

Leeds Metropolitan University have kindly lent us a room for the day. Thanks to Linda Broughton from New Technology Institute & Ben Dalton from Innovation North.
Its in the main university building on Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Dry Dock Pub (its a pub in a boat on a roundabout!). Room C515. Go through the main doors, walk down corridor, find signs for C Block, go up to 5th floor, and its room 15.

10:30 meet and greet, then head out
1pm meet back for lunch, uploadings, chat, then head out to map
4-5pm back for final time, and head off home.

Come along for both days, one day, or part of a day, all welcome! More details on the wiki page

See you there!

Location: Arena Quarter, Lovell Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS2 8PT, United Kingdom