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tracking changes

Posted by catonano on 17 June 2021 in English (English).

I used a couple of services that sent me emails when a change was made in my area

They disappeared

Is there any alternative ?


Posted by catonano on 26 September 2019 in English (English).

I’ ve watched 2 interesting talks at the e #SotM2019

One is about mapping solar panel installations, especially the small ones

because with some meteorological calculations sprinkled with some machine learning, the “backup” by traditional power stations can be reduced and hence a significant saving (in both money and emitted CO2) can be achieved

Another one is about the energy demand by buildings, based on geographical and geometrical data

In my area (south east of Italy) there are tons of solar panel installations that are not on the map

And I could help with buildings too

But I wonder

Can I get a share of the huge savings I could contribute to achieve ?

I don’ t feel like working for free anymore

Glory won’ t do. I’ d like to get a cut

I mean some large organizations are going to make fabulous earnings with this stuff.

What about the ant work of the small people who made that possible ?

Location: Quartiere Paolo sesto, Taranto, Apulia, 74123, Italy


Posted by catonano on 18 December 2017 in English (English).

The Italian OpenstreetMap community cherish the redundancy of information of denormalized data schemes and they rely on that for daily maneinance jobs.

They have actively rejectem my views about how the (associated)street relation avoids repeating the name of the street over and over again

With copy and paste I am blazingly fast, so there s not much to gain If someone writes a wrong street name on some node I can easily confront that with other nodes on the same street

I wouldn t find errors if street names were written in relations

This is the kind of arguments they used with me

I am so disappointed

Maybe I don t understand osm after all


Posted by catonano on 9 November 2017 in English (English).

In the last few days I used Fieldpapers for the first time

It’s good !

But I’d need a sofftware on my mobile phone. There’s so much workk to do, I can’t do all with Fieldpaper

I’d need to run arond taking notes on my phone

I couldn’t find a decent one until now :-/

Osmand is good only for POIs and Vespucci is too damn hard to use !

Geopaparazzi needs a server component and I couldn’t manage to ave one running

I’d like to have spatialite on my guix based laptop. I understand that it could help with Geopaparazzi.

Too much work to do !

Location: Quartiere Paolo sesto, Taranto, Apulia, 74123, Italy

feel good

Posted by catonano on 4 November 2014 in English (English).

Today I mapped a place that I love, I spent some happy days in, and it was almost totally absent from the map !

Talk about feeling good ;-)