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I’m Cesar Alfaro from a remote place in the Peruvian Andes, 3 years ago I started interacting with OpenStreetMap, and as it had to be, my first OpenStreetMap edits I did in the place where I was born, then I was part of the data team of Mapbox and Develment Seed respectively, where I officially started adding large-scale, high-quality data to OpenStreetMap all over the world, you can take a look at my HDYC profile. Below I am going to mention an overview of the most important mapping projects I have worked on.

My OSM Heat Map

Humanitarian mapping projects

I’m an active collaborator of HOT mapping and validating efforts. Below the list of projects I have collaborated.

HOT Tasking Manager

Resolving issues with To-fix

To-fix is a tool used to improve OpenStreetMap data around the world, mainly I was focused on correcting connectivity issues between roads that negatively impact on possible routing data. I used tofix-Web (Currently, nobody maintains this side) and tofix-plugin. Take a look at the types of map issues that were corrected in this Diary Post.

To-fix tasks

Mapping and Aligning road network in Taiwan based on new Mapbox imagery and Strava

At the end of 2016, I was also part of the road network mapping and alignment efforts in Taiwan. The overall project consisted of 43 tasks management tasks covering 27,000 square kilometers, which is 74% of total area of the country. Diary Post.

Strava Heat Map

Mapping high voltage (HV) lines in Pakistan, Nigeria and Zambia

This was one of the most important projects I have participated in, since for the first time we included the help of Machine learning (ML) to our workflow. In summary, it was created a ML model to detect high voltage towers within satellite imagery, which helped us to increase speed and accuracy in high voltage towers mapping. Blog Post.

Mapped high voltage towers and lines

In response to OpenStreetMap redaction in Peru

Together with the OSM community I participated in the repair of data affected by the OpenStreetMap redaction in Peru, this was done by DWG to delete original data added to OpenStreetMap with infringed copyright.

Affected  OpenStreetMap data in Arequipa

Improving OpenStreetMap from TIGER 2014 and 2016

I participated in the improvement of the OpenStreetMap road network of the USA using information from TIGER 2014 and 2016. Ticket-1, Ticket-2, OSM Wiki .

TIGER delta data

Mapping buildings and roads in Special Economics Zones(SEZ)

I was part of the mapping of buildings and roads within SEZ, since these can be used as indicators for the analysis and study of the growth, development and impact of a SEZ over time. Ticket.

Special Economics Zones

Navigation mapping

I was also part of navigation mapping efforts in US:

Turn lanes and Turn restrictions

Bulk Importing

Buildings Import in Los Angeles, I participated in the validation and improvement of imported buildings in Los Angeles. Ticket, My import user.

Schools Import in Peru, I participated in the importation of over 75,000 schools to OpenStreetMap in Peru. Diary Post, My import user.

Imported  data

What’s coming?

I am getting involved in political affairs of my province, and from this side I will encourage the release of public institutions geographic data such as the cadastral information of the municipalities, and of course I will make sure to talk to them about OpenStreetMap and teach how to contribute to the map, to extract data, process it and create your own map.

Location: Centro Poblado Barrio de la Magdalena, Ayacucho, Province of Huamanga, Ayacucho, 05001, Peru