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China Mappers Censorship of Sensitive Stuff on the Map 8 months ago

OSM-Data is helpful in doing censorship.

In 2012 Bing (Microsoft) got a phone call from "high officials" asking them to blur areas from the military in their satelite images for Germany. Of course there was no official data about military locations availlable.

OpenStreetMap came to the rescue. Take all areas from OpenStreetMap with tagging landuse=military in Germany. This was the source that Bing use to blur their images and to hide important military information from potential enemies. We all were in big danger and the thoughtful reaction of Bing and OSM-Data saved us. ;-)

This incident is described (mostly German) on the OSM-Wiki-Pages under

At the same time many websites of military and official organizations in Germany didn't follow the same strict rules. They showed high resolution photos of many military areas.

It resulted in a "Streisand-Effect". Motivated by this, two weeks later the whole area of the German Ministery of Defence, Bonn Hardthöhe was perfectly mapped in deep detail in OpenStreetMap. Look at:

Harald black_bike

Hotel im Nibelungenland Odenwald over 6 years ago

Nein, das ist kein Spam.
Hier wurde wohl von einem Betreiber eines Lokals selbst ein Eintrag in den OSM-Datenbestand vorgenommen. Siehe Objekt:1562342192.
Was hier im Blog steht ist nur ein etwas ausführlicher Kommentar zu diesem Eintrag.
Auch andere Mapper schreiben ausführlich wie sie zu seinem bestimmten Denkmal,
Gipfel, Kieselstein gelangt sind, welche Reifenmarke sie dabei verwendet haben und welches Wetter dabei erduldet wurde.
Hier hat wohl ein Gastwirt Openstreetmap entdeckt und sein Cafe selbst in den Datenbestand eingetragen. Dann darf er ja dazu einige Zeilen im Blog schreiben.
Es wäre schön, wenn viele Hoteliers, Wirte, Kaufleute und Handwerker seinem Beispiel folgen würden.


Stillgelegter Tunnel (highway=abandoned) about 8 years ago


ich halte es für besser folgene Tags zu verwenden:

highway=residential (tertiary,secondary, oder was es sonst mal war)

Somit kann auch nach der Stillegung noch erkannt werden, was dort mal war.


Aktivität der letzten Tage in Ratingen about 10 years ago

Hösel ist westlich der Bahnhofstraße kartiert, ÖSTLICH fehlt noch einiges.

Dataloggers on eBay. about 10 years ago

I'm using the Royaltek RGM-3800. I like this device very much for taking GPS-tracks.
The price should be around 60.- Euro.
+ Very small and light, about double matchbox size.
+ Lots of memory for taking tracks.
+ Uses two AAA-batterys or AAA-NiMH-Accus.
You can change them, if you loose power.
+ One Set of batteries last for about 8 hours of tracking.
+ Simple to use, only one button to switch it on or of.
+ Simple interface:
LED is green: Taking traces
LED is blinking green: Looking for satellites
LED is blinking red: Low Power, change batteries soon
LED is red: Some problems....
LED is off, device is off
+ Can take GPS-Trackpoints down to an intervall of 1 second
[You need new firmware for this.]
+ Starts a new GPS-Track after switching on and off.
[You need new firmware for this.]
+ You connect the device to the computer via USB-Cable.
- You need windows software to read out data from the device.
- I don't know linux software to read out the device. :-(
- It's not waterproof. I wouldn't use it unprotected in hard rain.
Who stops tracing for OSM because of rain?
- You can't store special waypoints.
- The LED is a little bit dark. You don't see it when the sun blinks brightly.
Unclear (to me:)
I don't know if it's possible to use the device to get live
GPS data if you are on your way using a laptop.
The device gives out the data in the NMEA format. For OSM I convert the data to
GPX format using the program gpsbabel.
Have fun working for OSM.