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open 2455191 Tema_Ded

The driver reported about the possibility to pass in this place. The satellite does not see if there is a through passage through this structure

closed 3022496

South Brent Rec Ground PC

closed 3022497

South Brent PC

open 3015977 greenroomsurf

Private road to house - no public access or through road

open 3015985 greenroomsurf

Private road to residential house - no public access or through road

open 3015983 greenroomsurf

Private drive to private residential house. no public access or through road.

open 3015982 greenroomsurf

private drive to private house - no public access or through road

closed 2816346 confusedbuffalo

Mismatch of housenumber and name, looks like it should be 24?

closed 2101271 Anton Markau

Hello. Can someone please specify if this road is passable for cars? Thank you.

open 1178254 keithonearth

Are you saying this section of roadway should be renamed?

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