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Logo de OSM en formato real

This is great! Love it.

Broad Channel Queens

Good question! I am not sure myself but you may want to join the OpenStreetMap US Slack and ask there, there is a #local-nyc chapter there and they might know

Validation feedback can provide important social affirmation

@bushmank I would assume this is referring to Tasking Manager messages, so thus would be more related to HOT. I don’t know for sure though.

Validation feedback can provide important social affirmation

And are these messages from the @ messages when you mark a task as validated or invalidated? Such as “@johndoe thanks for mapping” ! Then johndoe gets a ping.

Validation feedback can provide important social affirmation

This is really interesting, thanks Martin! Maybe I missed it but is there a way to tell if people read the feedback? There might be messages the validator sends but the user never logs in again and so doesn’t see them, which might (or might not) skew results.

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike

I don’t think this is a money-making issue (necessarily.) For example, if I work somewhere (company, NGO, government, doing research, whatever) and use OSM data in a map (for example, convert it to .shp and use it as a roads layer,) that doesn’t mean the rest of the stuff in the map is thus share-alike, right?

I think that’s the concern – does just using it trigger share-alike rather than including it in a database or merging it with other data to create something different.

Working on northern Haiti -- USAID project

Haha, thanks! Nice to meet you all too!