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I traveled on this highway yesterday and uploaded a GPS trace To my surprise, NH 930 is mapped from a very different route near Bhadravati (at the start of above trace). Probably, the route on OSM is an older one. Can someone please check? (Google shows the correct road as per GPS)

I don’t want to touch an important highway myself.

Unmapped tertiary roads

Posted by aintgd on 9 October 2016 in English (English).

My job requires me to travel a lot in villages around my place of posting. I have added many GPS traces of tertiary roads that are unmapped on OSM. I have some internet access issues and time restraints. If there are any good people wanting to contribute, please check my traces around the location given below and map the roads.

(The traces are almost always travelled by a car).

Location: Brahmapuri, Brahmapuri Taluka, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, 441206, India

I’ve been traveling this morning, adding few till-unmapped stations on OSM with OSM and I see some issues here at places. Please have a look.

  1. There are few small stations unmapped. This is understandable. We don’t get local data all the time. I added 2-3 stations that were unmapped till date.
  2. I see one unnamed station mapped, but there exists no station there. I’ve left a note via There does exist a small crossing with a cabin, but no station.
  3. The track seems misaligned for a long stretch here by good ~10 meters. I’ve uploaded a gpx track so that you can get idea. Please verify with imagery.

As I mentioned in my earlier diary note, I don’t get enough leisure and very irregular internet access. Someone feel free to come up and look into the issues. Thanks.

Mapping Bramhapuri

Posted by aintgd on 2 January 2016 in English (English).

I’ve been mapping this town in eastern Vidarbha for the last week. It was almost blank except the main highways and lakes. I am trying to the map the internal ways, paths, residential highways etc. The town is too crowded in parts that one can’t distinctly identify roads from imagery alone. I also uploaded few gpx traces. I am adding local info as it comes.

I’m having a full-time job here, stayed here for the whole year 2015, but recently got transferred and will join my new posting in a week or two. I am still attending my job all the day, visit hometown over the weekend, so it’s difficult to get traces of the obscure roads, more so as I have no vehicle here.

There have been uncertainties regarding when will I need to leave the town. It may be on this coming Monday, just two days later, or maybe a couple of weeks. I will see how much I can map.

(These are the areas where we have very few users on OSM, almost none. That makes it important for me to get as much info as possible till I am here. What do you say?)

Location: Gujari Ward, Brahmapuri, Brahmapuri Taluka, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, 441206, India

Mapping a neighborhood park

Posted by aintgd on 20 December 2015 in English (English).

I woke up early morning today and went on a mapwalk to a nearby park. I tracked jogging tracks there and are took coordinates of toilet, shelters etc. I uploaded the gpx tracks and did some basic editing with JOSM. Please have a look here– . Please make necessary suggestions.

Also, I would like to add names in Marathi, my native language. Suggest some help document link.

Let's see.

Posted by aintgd on 19 December 2015 in English (English).

I have downloaded JOSM. I’ll see what I can do.

Location: Dattatray Nagar, Nagpur, Nagpur District, Maharashtra, 440009, India