Mapper since: January 15, 2010

I am the founder and creator of StreetFerret, which is a completeness tracker for runners attempting to run every street in their city.

I have local knowledge of Rhode Island and Honolulu, Hawaii.

My mapping interests include boundaries, protected areas / hiking trails, and water features.

I am active on the OpenStreetMap Wiki, US Slack, and World Discord.

I am a Java programmer.

My OSM values are as follows:

  1. OSM thrives when the community thrives. We must welcome a global perspective that embraces different cultures and languages, and remain vigilant that we are not imposing our own values on others.

  2. Mappers should have the freedom to innovate and invent new ways to map, and create new services with map data. Gatekeeping behaviors in all forms should be discouraged.

  3. Having multiple ways to map the same thing is bad for mappers, bad for data consumers, and bad for the community. We should strive to work together to eliminate duplicate tagging schemes.

  4. I support the inclusion of high-quality geodata from external open sources. The more data that OSM has, the more powerful it is.

  5. I support large scale efforts to improve data quality and tagging consistency. OSM cannot succeed solely on the basis of individual mappers inspecting individual features. Automation, artificial intelligence, and mechanical techniques must be embraced.

If you believe that I have made an error while editing the map, please comment on the problem changeset, and I would be happy to fix anything that is wrong.