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OpenStreetMap is in trouble 8 months ago

In the ‘tutorial’, the fuschia outlines to trace over (see e.g. the waterbody screenshot) come from some other source. I don’t know where they come from and I didn’t dig into it.

In my tutorial case it came from OSM data entered two days prior via Map Builder. (I tried to find the object I just created in the tutorial, just to notice it was not mine to enter). I don’t think that’s bad here, though. It enables the user to “play” through a tutorial without destroying anything and the data tends to be reasonable in most cases (perhaps by filtering for recent building outlines, they ensure it will match somewhat with aerial imagery).

Who maps every day (without fail)? 8 months ago

Made it over a year and then spent an evening in August 2022 pondering over and contributing to playground detail tagging and forgot to make a changeset. Activity on OSM takes many forms … from changing the map, to commenting/closing notes, editing the Wiki, participating in community and mailing list discussions. So in that sense I’m still in a streak that’s now almost two years long ;-)