Mapper since:
June 14, 2017

about me

Hello I am Udar, a Miami Dade County based mapper. Thus most of my mapping is done in the Miami Dade area though I have done mapping outside of it, mostly using Go Map!! for that purpose.

what I like to map

Most of my work is dedicated to updating alignment of roads and adding sidewalks and crossings along the thus improving pedestrian navigation. I also spend time adding and updating land use such as grass, shrubbery, canal areas and retail areas along with others. The main editor I use is iD though I also use Go Map!! substantially and sometimes RapiD.

how I like to use the editors

iD: I mostly use iD for adding, realigning and major tagging updates for roads and sidewalks/crossings. I also do all of the land use tagging with iD. Go Map!!: I mostly use Go Map!! to add and update POI’s, and generally adding and updating information that would be hard or impossible to deduce from aerial imagery.