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Australian roads in OpenStreetMap overview almost 2 years ago

Thanks 2hu4u, I’m glad you liked it. You’ll have to wait a long time for the next installment (I hope) ! Happy mapping, Ian

Roadside Rest Areas in Australia about 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback folks, I have incorporated your comments in the 2nd draft above. To reply to your specific comments:

Mateusz: in the vast majority of cases in Australia, only the tag highway=rest_area has been used, without amenity=parking. I’ve acknowledged that both approaches have been used in the revised draft.

Re using “highway=rest_area, amenity=parking, capacity:car=no, capacity:hgv=32” on one object. If parking bays are mapped separately then capacity tags would be applied to the parking bay not the broader rest area. However, as noted above, this is not usually the case. In most places only nodes have been mapped, not ways/areas.

SomeoneElse: Hmm, bottle-o’s must be a WA thing. In SE Australia, there are fast food stores and petrol stations in the larger rest areas on major highways, but not bottle-o’s. I’d imagine that alcohol stores are forbidden nowadays to reduce drunk driving.

Steerage250: I’ve tried to incorporate both approaches in the revised text but please revise as you see appropriate. The tag amenity=parking has rarely been used on smaller rest areas and in more remote regions, but both tags have been used on many large rest areas, especially along the Hume Hwy in NSW. I’d imagine that these large rest areas will be mapped at increasing levels of complexity in the future.

Bob3Bob3: There is no explicit way to say that camping is not allowed in rest areas - just as there isn’t a way to tag that camping isn’t allowed in police stations or the opera house. I’ve added a section to suggest that mappers might note this in a comment, but this would only be visible to other mappers.

Thanks again for your help. I’ll wait a while for any further replies and will then post this on the Australian tagging guidelines page where it can be further edited and improved.

Roadside Rest Areas in Australia about 2 years ago

Thanks Mateusz, I’ll add a sentence to incorporate your first comment. Re your 2nd comment, lots of roadside rest areas do not have toilets but many do. I’ll try to add a short section that better differentiates between tagging rest_area and amenity=parking where both are mapped at the one place. Cheers.