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Rivers in Palawan not showing on main map

Posted by Totor on 17 December 2012 in English (English)

Hi all,

I added some rivers in Palawan (Philippines), but they dont seem to be rendered on the standard osm map. It seems all rivers (even older ones, still visible at low zoom levels) are disappearing on the latest rendered tiles in Palawan (so it does not seem to be a "be patient" problem). Other islands are not affected, so I guess something must be wrong with the island. I cant find any problem though. Other styles (cycle map for instance) seem to render the rivers correctly. New highways also render correctly. Is there something special about waterway rendering?

See a lonely bridge here :

Anybody has an explanation ? Where to get help?



Posted by Totor on 20 July 2009 in English (English)

Today I had no intention to map anything.

Since the rain flooded parts of the main road home this noon, I had to take small side roads. So I started up my laptop and TangoGPS to check where I was going... Unfortunately I got lost in a white zone on the map, and ended up making a 30 mins detour, and as much new GPS tracks...

Once home, I wanted to mark the flooding areas on the highway, but found that there is no tag for it. I temporarily used hazard=flooding, inspired by the French "route inondable" road sign ( as shown here : ).

Any better suggestions ?

Palawan Philippines - from Puerto Princessa to Elnido

Posted by Totor on 4 May 2009 in English (English)

Hello everybody,
I just discovered openstreetmap before going on holliday to Elnido, so I decided to bring my laptop and GPS to follow the progression of my bus trip from the airport to Elnido.
GPS maps and good maps in general are relatively rare here in the Philippines, and openstreetmap is a great alternative.
Unfortunately the roads in Palawan were not so accurately mapped (traced from Yahoo ?).
Back home, I started correcting the roads I used and logged. I'm done just month later. Wow this is really addictive...

Location: Roxas, Palawan, Mimaropa, 5308, Philippines