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JOSM for Mac?

Posted by TorCguy on 18 August 2014 in English (English).

I have been editing with Potlatch 2, but would like to upgrade to JOSM. Is there a way to run JOSM on a Mac OS?

Location: Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico, 87901, United States

I have been shown the error of my ways. So I went back and changed those streams that had been marked as ‘intermittent=dry’ back to ‘=yes’ as per standard usage. If I missed any, let me know.

It was also pointed out that I could use ‘waterway=wadi’ but this does not symbolize, and only shows up as a black line. Thus I hesitate to use this combination. But, in much of eastern Sierra County, this would be appropriate. Any thoughts?

It would be nice if OSM would use a dashed line when streams are marked as ‘intermittent=yes’ because it looks a little strange to have all these solid blue lines out here in the desert.

When I made maps for Dept of Defense, we categorized drainage with three levels of flow regime: perennial, intermittent and ephemeral. This is because the dry streams (wadi, wash, arroyo) have distinctly different physical characteristics than intermittent streams.

BTW: I finally got smart and used the map function to nail down my location. :)

Location: Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico, 87901, United States

For lack of a minus sign, my previous entry got tagged with a location in China! I hope this one’s right.

Location: Sierra County, New Mexico, United States

dry streams

Posted by TorCguy on 7 August 2014 in English (English).

I’m adding streams, arroyos, buildings well as updating roads in Sierra County NM. Most of the drainage in this area is dry except immediately after rains. Tagging them “intermittent=yes” does not seem appropriate, as they are really ephemeral. I have started tagging these dry streams and arroyos as “intermittent=dry” and I will go back and change the rest as time permits.

Location: Madao, Liuba County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi, China