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First week

Hi Sebastian, I was a newbie about 3 years ago, and I had and still have serious reservations about iD - I can only use it for the most trivial things. After some searching I found JOSM - an editor - which I was able to download onto my PC. It has a user interface which can be heavily tweaked to select what can be highlighted and allows multiple data sets to be overlayed. JOSM is closer to the software development world I previously inhabited. Other tools caught my eye - but look at to get some idea.

Welcome to OSM, I hope you stay around. I live in a part of England which was relatively uncharted by OSM, and I am adding a lot of information which I find useful and I hope others do also. I encourage you to continue as I have, the amount of knowledge I have gathered about my local town is phenomenal - and OSM lets me store it for others.


Disappointed (But Not Surprised)

I agree with your analysis. I believe it is incumbent on a proposer of this form of change to show their rationale and detail how any restrictions or licenses they propose are fully supportive and in keeping with the OSM licensing model. (I am not related to any party you mention)