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GSoC Indoor Tagging Support about 2 months ago

This is soo cool!

Also: SIMS VIBES, BIG SIMS VIBES. I put on the sims playlist while watching these screenshots! Amazing xd

Great work!

Mapping cycling highways in Flanders 2 months ago

While I get your point Joost, from my perspective as someone who also bikes a lot, having a predetermined “good” alternative route that’s actually manually picked by someone instead of whatever the routing engine spits out; seems nicer.

Also an interesting thing to think about is what shows as alternative route although - Might just be whatever is closest and not really that bike friendly - Isn’t mapped physically either

The OSM community deserves a better 11 months ago

Absolutely! I agree with this as well. If I told my municipality about OSM and they just went to the first thing they find on Google, they wouldn’t know ‘what’ OSM is and stands for / makes possible. And as someone who recently (a month ago) started really making contributions to OSM, I had to figure out myself what the tools are that the community really uses. Because sure, you can find lots of ‘tool’s pages on the wiki, but half those tools aren’t maintained and they page just in general doesn’t make it clear like “These are the tools that are most developed and used” (like Osmose, OSMcha,…). Also for example I didn’t know about either of those 2 tools to find fellow editors, even though that kind of stuff can very useful to have