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First Diary Entry

Posted by TheAdventurer64 on 23 October 2020 in English (English)

Hello folks! This is my first diary entry. I’ll be discussing some key issues on OpenStreetMap, as well as some updates I have done.


I did some edits in the Ohio area, including adding some geometry detail and adding some details to the swimming pools located in the area. I also worked on fixing up the H1 Freeway, something I have been working on for a while now.

H1 Freeway

If you look at the H1 Freeway (from the beginning of the Lunililo Freeway), you’ll notice that some of the freeway on/off-ramps are well detailed. This is part of a project of mine to create uniformity and clean up the Hawaii Freeways. I use local knowledge, some YouTube videos and street level imagery to help with adding this information.

Other stuff

While I was mapping, I noticed something I see too often: a great, detailed POI created by a user who only closed 3 changesets. I reached out to him with a question about if he will map some more businesses, but I don’t expect a response soon.

Final thoughts

Well, today’s mapping was pretty much the usual. I’m planning on hopefully working on the freeway tomorrow and possibly more clean up in but that’s pretty much it.