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Posted by Super-Map on 10 May 2017 in English (English)

Today It's my 2000 Changeset on the map and near 5000000 of changes!

How to draw the buildings in ID editor

Posted by Super-Map on 5 January 2016 in English (English)

For generic building draw the square (or other thing), often it's enough/select building features/ this tag is added: "building=yes" (don't select "house" but "building", for generic building) and add always your sources, if you map a specific features after survey, local knowledge or other sources than Bing imagery (source=Bing in ID it's automatically added on the Changeset source under this form: "imagery_used=Bing aerial imagery when you press "save" & upload) if you need to specify an other source then click on "all tags" (or add field) if you can't see this on the left panel press the cross, select :"source" in the menu for to add an other source...) for to draw a perfect building in ID you must draw your square and press "s" for to square the corners of this area, you can see all shortcuts you need on line with your favorite editor in this case ID when you have selected a specific feature, in this case the building and when your mouse pass over each menu ...

You must see and read the beginners' guide before start... if you are a newbie.

Thanks for your help, contributions and understanding.

Best regard.


Posted by Super-Map on 27 February 2015 in English (English)

Hi all contributors of Open Street Map project, this is how I draw, represent an amphitheatre in OSM

I specify, I never go over there, it's just an information of an other user, nevertheless I use Bing imagery for to represent it. An area in the middle and steps in several directions...

Enjoy yourself with your favourite editor.

Have a nice mapping.

P.S.: Remember this: "nobody want, like, to use a bad map... but everybody like to use a nice map very useful (who all persons can improve it)... We have "guide" in OSM for to help us, his name: "Wiki" (the last point, it's about several other thing in OSM...)...

I like this fable: "It's not enough that your run fleet, Start early, that the way to beat" Translation for French people: "Rien ne sert de courir ; il faut partir à point".

Turn lane (how to)

Posted by Super-Map on 23 February 2015 in English (English)

Hi OSM contrubutors, here you can see the result in the software (because on the classic map it isn't visible with classic layer)

We need to use the key lanes = x (x is the number of way in the both direction) in this case: lanes=4. We indicate the number of lane in the both directions: lanes:backward=2 lanes:forward=2 We need to use the lane on the left road if we want to turn left placement:forward=left_of:1 This is the mark sign indicator on the road turn:lanes:forward=left;through|through;right

Enjoy yourself

Of course all can improve it again (my work, my contribution)

P.S.: Don't forget, it's for to do a "map" and if we want somebody use it, it's must be a little bit "pleasant"...). But in the reality, it isn’t a simple map...

traffic_calming and lanes key tag

Posted by Super-Map on 22 February 2015 in English (English)

This is an example of traffic calming = island, we need only to draw one way and not two with several tag one it.

On this picture (the link below), you can see the lanes (numbers of lanes forward/backward and turn lanes) the result in the software and the mark on the real road (it isn't a trunk and motorway), so in the middle it' isn't a "guard_rail" so we can considered that like a "traffic_calming = island" (the road in the bottom is a bus way and we can't turn on it probably we can use a relation with "no turn" on it)

Before changeset:

After changeset

Location: Lieusaint, Melun, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, Metropolitan France, 77127, France

What can we do with "multipolygon relation"

Posted by Super-Map on 23 December 2014 in English (English)

Hi dear contributors around the world, the link below, it's an example of "multipolygon", I whish you a merry Christmas

Location: Cesson-la-Forêt, Cesson, Melun, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, Metropolitan France, 77240, France

World Environment Day 2014

Posted by Super-Map on 5 June 2014 in English (English)

Today we celebrate our planet Earth! It's World Environment Day 2014. We can take several resolutions, mapping track for to do a "run" (for example), do a run... or other thing: