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Using NYC Dept of Buildings Building Information Search, part 1 11 months ago

Can the whole database be downloaded? It’d be fun to build the better search tool you mention, and also a tool that detects demolished/new buildings from that database.

mapping is fun 11 months ago

You’re right! Hope mapping Kayoro never stops being fun for you.

Please, stop to devastate Mogadishu 11 months ago

Salve Alessandro,

OSM has organised editing policies that address community complaints like yours. Would you like the Data Working Group to have a look at the situation here?

Happy mapping,


3D model for visually impaired people 11 months ago

Unfortunately, your images are broken for me - some kind of http/https issue, and no valid certificate on the server hosting your blog.

Here are the three images for other readers:

Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Final Report over 1 year ago

One thing isn’t really clear to me: in the “objects with rank < 28 can’t have addr:street or addr:place.” analysis, what is rank 28, and rank <28? What does it mean in practical terms?

Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Final Report over 1 year ago

Hi Antonin! This is extremely useful, and has found a few problems in my area. Thank you.

note to self almost 2 years ago

It’s not available in your editor?

OSMF survey country results almost 2 years ago

Is the blue line simply a linear regression?


Growth of the OpenStreetMap Foundation membership - impact of the active contributor membership program about 2 years ago

That’s really interesting, thank you for the analysis!

I’ll repeat what you wrote: the Membership Working Group is looking for volunteers to help deal with the influx of new members, automate things a bit, and create this kind of analysis posts.

The existing team is really nice and friendly, and our meetings are fun. describes everything. Shoot us an email at membership @ osmfoundation dot org if you want to join!

Testing about 2 years ago

Test unsuccessful, try again.

Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support over 2 years ago

This strikes me as unreasonable, and I won’t support it.

We’re already doing this whenever possible. For the (cancelled) F2F planned in London in March, every European board member had booked a ticket on the Eurostar to get there, and all except one had a train ticket to go back.

You’re also talking about the free time of volunteers. Board and OWG members invest a lot of their time for the OSMF; asking people to spend an extra 12 unpaid hours, plus, since you’re only considering travel time in your proposal, any extra time needed to wait for the transportation, is unreasonable.

You’re also not considering the cost and the carbon impact of this. A one-hour flight on a full Dash-8 will cost and emit less than a seven-hour trip alone in a rented car. Not being able to fly could also add an extra hotel night.

As an example, my trip to Cambridge for the treasurer handover in February would probably have been covered. The flight cost 65 EUR, plus £40 for the taxi from the airport because weather conditions shut the train line from Stansted. Taking the train would have cost the OSMF around £300 more, plus the extra hotel night. I would also have had to spend two nights in Cambridge instead of one, and spent two working days instead of two evenings on travel.

Position statement for February 2020 OpenStreetMap U.S. board election almost 3 years ago

Minor detail - says that voting closes on February 9th, not April 9th.

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago is the ticket on the JOSM side. is the ticket for GoMap.

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago

@SimonPoole you’d ask every user to sign up for a Maxar API key? Do a bit of oauth magic to grab one automatically? Hmm.

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago

What a pity. Maxar’s imagery is a crucial resource in many places, and the OSM community is very thankful for it. I hope that a solution is found soon. I understand you’re in touch with Bryan Housel, but can you please keep the maintainers of the other editors in the loop too? Shoot me a message if I can help connect everyone.

Zum nach-der-Wahl-Kater in der Filterblase about 3 years ago

Oh, the pitfalls of automatically translating idioms! A Schaumschläger is an eggbeater, and it means a person who boasts and produces a lot of hot air. Also, a ‘tomcat’ is a hangover.

Metafilter is often cited as an example of good moderation. What they do takes a huge amount of work, but they manage to create a space where very different viewpoints can meet and have a civil conversation. Is that what we’d want, and can we do that?

Reflections on OSMF about 3 years ago

Hi Heather,

Thank you for all the work you’ve done for the board.

I’m wondering what you mean by ‘toxic meritocracy’ in the OSM context? The abuse you got on the mailing list about your amount of mapping back in 2017?

I’m also genuinely curious if you have examples of toxic masculinity that you can share. I must confess that it’s something I have seen elsewhere, but not much in the OSM world. It’s hard to do something about a problem that you care about but can’t see.



Weird situations almost 4 years ago

Vielleicht that les Vorschriften for snow in Allemagne sont, dass the Trafficpanneaux for kein Winterdienst on both Ende of the chemin aufgeput must be, and die Personne in charge simplement put ein of these à beide Ends?

Creating Vector Tiles for use with iD almost 4 years ago

That was pretty straightforward, thank you! I played with the min/maxzoom levels of tippecanoe, and chose the default checkboxes for the API key. It’s not clear whether those tile views count towards any API traffic limits, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Facebook grupa OpenStreetMap Bosna i Hercegovina almost 4 years ago

Lots of success to your FB group! Do you know about adding it to the community index which would make the FB page appear in the iD editor?