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AG Fahrrad-Stadtplan Wolfenbüttel 2 days ago

Viel Erfolg!

100€ for a notifications listings page 13 days ago

Hi everyone! This seems to have fallen asleep. Mikel, if you'd agree to extend this again to the 1st of March, I'll match your pledge.

SultanpurLodhi Edit about 1 month ago

Welcome Harman! I've been editing my local map for a few years, and I'm still editing at 50% :).

One year at the Foundation.. an incredible book series by Isaac Asimov about 1 month ago

Adding to the thanks!

OSMF Board election manifesto about 2 months ago

Hello Paul,

You are, rightly, campaigning based on your good results from your work on the board. You are a voice for protecting mappers, and conserve things as they are.

You outline a few areas where you see the need for more regulation. Can you maybe outline how you think your proposals in those area could look?

Besides keeping the machine running smoothly, do you see new directions which the OSMF should explore?

Thank you for your answers, and good luck.

Announcing my candidacy for OSMF Board Elections 2017 about 2 months ago

Hello David,

in a way that ensures that remote and local mappers are assisted directly in our mapping tools, rather than having the output of an algorithm imported widescale without their direct involvement in the process.

That's very interesting. Considering that the OSMF voters would tend to be passionate craft mappers, can you talk more about how you see this working?

Thank you for your answers, and good luck.

Seeking your support for OSMF Board Membership about 2 months ago

Hello Heather,

Your manifesto brings up good questions, which you would be expected to answer as a board member. What are your ideas on how we could achieve the goals you would like the OSMF to pursue?

You talk about your growing engagement and contributions, but your mapping is only casual. You've only mapped four days this year. Isn't creating the map an essential experience to have to be a competent board member?

Thank you for your answers and good luck.

Das ist neu, da muss mein Name ran 2 months ago

Luxusprobleme :)

That blade of grass is coming back to haunt us. 6 months ago

For what it’s worth, the French style draws the lines on tennis courts and football fields automatically along the rectangle, e.g.

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap 8 months ago

Thank you DigitalGlobe!

The premium imagery is great; it covers places in Ireland that weren't well covered by bing, or very badly. For example, Inishtrahull, off the coast of Donegal. It's also great to then georeference the old gsgs map

Joined as OSM contributor 9 months ago

Welcome, and happy mapping!

Preparing accurate history and caching changesets 9 months ago

How cool. SNS can’t be exposed externally directly, but it can be used to trigger actions, e.g. push notifications, email, calls to another trigger script...

Lets have changeset mentions 10 months ago

@imagico reddit limits abuse by only sending notifications if less than three users are mentioned.

Potlatch 2.5 10 months ago

Congratulations! shows that Potlatch still has a big bunch of users, which is a testament to its quality. Thank you for your work on it.

hello~ 11 months ago

You too! Happy mapping!

Highways & Byways: Roman & Drovers’ Roads in Ware, Hertfordshire 11 months ago

Ahh, no they can't, you're right.

Highways & Byways: Roman & Drovers’ Roads in Ware, Hertfordshire 11 months ago

Thank you once again for your interesting diaries. It seems that in every city built along an old road, you can still recognise the orientation of the long gone road in the city's grid.

Have you looked at Leaflet instead of to create simple web maps?

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 11 months ago

Ah, this might be a good half solution for the US Department of State Humanitarian Information Unit imagery too!

My Contributions 12 months ago

Welcome! Keep mapping until it doesn’t fit in a diary entry :)

The 2016 Board Elections Statistics 12 months ago

That was a very interesting analysis. Thank you.