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closed 400909 Conormap

What is the reason for this many 'subtownlands' suddenly appearing and being this close together, are they accurate?

Excuse my ignorance if these are the various territory names here but I've never come across any of them in all my times in Fanad, nor can get my head around the name changes so close together.

I'm baffled from seeing several duplicating the same name, some having 'island' with no water to be seen anywhere and some, like 'illanroenapora' don't even look Irish.

over 6 years ago about 1 year ago
closed 403195 VictorIE

Is this police station closed?

over 6 years ago almost 6 years ago
closed 355063

The Gateside Development is missing from the Map. Gateside manor, Park, Avenue.

over 6 years ago about 6 years ago
closed 269789 VictorIE

Possible narrow gauge railway near here.

about 7 years ago about 6 years ago
closed 391205 VictorIE

Car parks, shops and post office marked in what appears to be a housing estate

over 6 years ago over 6 years ago
closed 373227 James Hancock

No longer "charlys restaurant" is now named "the Hen House"

over 6 years ago over 6 years ago

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