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closed 578789

This error is submitted from Navmii GPS.
Speed limit should be 30

about 2 years ago about 14 hours ago
open 262828 SomeoneElse

I'm guessing that the name "Vistor Centre" is misspelt on ?

almost 4 years ago about 17 hours ago
closed 297043 SomeoneElse

Here and and a convenience store and a restuarant within a supermarket. This is possible, but unlikely for a suburban supermarket of this size.

Needs an on-the-ground survey to check.

over 3 years ago 1 day ago
open 1490360 voyageant

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours of Bee Mobile?" for via StreetComplete 6.1:

seems to be definitively closed

3 days ago 3 days ago
closed 282111 SomeoneElse

There's an overlap between the footpath and the wall here - more GPS traces needed to see what is correct.

over 3 years ago 4 days ago
closed 282197 SomeoneElse

Presumably there's some sort of gate here? Needs on-the-ground survey

over 3 years ago 4 days ago
open 1487363

What happened to Mackerricher State Park?

5 days ago 5 days ago
open 250463 SomeoneElse

I'm guessing that thing here really isn't called "Disused Roadway". What would it be best tagged as, if anything?

almost 4 years ago 5 days ago
closed 1483856

balade de 15min

8 days ago 5 days ago
closed 1486460

balade de 15min

6 days ago 5 days ago

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