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closed 27611 SomeoneElse

Are the oneway sections here correct? Particularly, is the central section of Church Street two-way?

about 5 years ago 1 day ago
closed 1588365 pauline brown


2 days ago 2 days ago
closed 1560220


about 1 month ago 2 days ago
open 1163475 SomeoneElse

Buildings here may need remapping - they don't match my recollection. Lots of construction work still taking place.

about 1 year ago 2 days ago
open 1545763 submitted note from a business:
Name: H2o Bathrooms and kitchens
Phone: 01904400222
Twitter: undefined
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-5
Address: York yo32 9le

about 1 month ago 4 days ago
closed 84488 SomeoneElse

Does the footpath here actually run along the abandoned railway? It seems to be very close to it.

almost 5 years ago 4 days ago
closed 471308 SomeoneElse is an unlikely triangular supermarket. Does it really exist, and is it really this shape?

almost 3 years ago 4 days ago
open 1580885 SomeoneElse

(information transferred from an earlier note)
Apparently this building is "11b".

10 days ago 10 days ago
closed 1559719 SomeoneElse

Allegedly the Falcon Tap has been shut. Has it reopened, and if so as what?

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
open 908539 Yusuf Ilter

£0.50p off peak
£0.60p peak time (OSM data version: 2017-01-19T15:17:02Z) #mapsme

over 1 year ago 14 days ago

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