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Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 14 days ago

Just to correct a few of the many factual errors:

  • the LWG understands the ODbL very well, thank you,
  • the ODbL does not in any way forbid reuse of the data,
  • the issues with media productions have nothing, but really nothing, to do with the ODbL

To expand on the last point: the issue with media productions that want to use tiles from the standard style from is that they are licensed on CC BY-SA 2.0 terms . This does creates a bit of an oddity in that the producer (likely the OSMF) of these tiles is using a far stricter licence than what the ODbL requires (essentially just attribution), and that you can actually take the osm-carto style file and render your own tiles (exactly the same) on more permissive terms, or have somebody do that for you. But as said using CC BY-SA 2.0 is a choice by the OSMF not anything to do with the ODbL.

Further point, the nice thing about development in the open is that it is completely possible to inspect the facts. So I'm sure you have the hard numbers to back your statement that:

"I've seen too many developers who started learning Rails development and writing pull requests, only to be shot down."

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 15 days ago


Missing Roads from ImproveOSM now also on MapRoulette 27 days ago

" .... because we have 80.000 POTENTIALLY missing or wrong one-ways, almost 300.000 MAYBE missing turn restrictions, and almost 1.6 million PERHAPS missing road tiles."

Presenting QA results as absolutes is a trap that we all tend to faill in to, but in reality, at best, they are just hints that something might be missing/wrong.

Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? about 2 months ago

@n76 upps sorry wrong account.

Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? 2 months ago

@Glassman I particularly like " anonymized string of numbers unique to each device...", now obviously the police could obtain similar, likely not quite as good information from the mobile network operators, and in the case of actual crimes it is likely that nobody would seriously object to that being possible.

The real problem is a private company, operating multiple monopolies in different areas of business, has unfettered access to such information.

When the World Needs a Map, Give them a Database 3 months ago

Mapbox can raise $164 million because Softbank believes there is a non-zero probability that it will get a billion or two back (likely via a trade sale),

It really has nothing to do with financing OSMs day to day operations or how easy or hard it is to find suitable sources of funding for the OSMF.

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

@Omnific lots of the buildings in Europe have been traced by hand (essentially France and the Netherlands are the exceptions, not the rule), if not the majority, and in most European countries the GIS departments are organized on a state/municipality base just as in the states.

And new building development is a common theme all over the place.

About another OSMF board meeting 4 months ago

@peda the discussion on if the OSMF should accept earmarked donations od not goes way back and there is not really a clear solution. On the one hand it is obviously quite OK to accept such donations for something that you had at least planned to do, for example purchase another database server, on the other hand there is a clear danger of third parties actually setting the OSMFs agenda.

Luckily this can't go all too far for tax reasons (if a donation boils down to payment for a specific service or product profits from that activity would be taxed, just as SOTM profits are).

About another OSMF board meeting 4 months ago

You are missing

Which would bring the years without a f2f down to 2013 and 2014 (aka 2 of 7 past years).

About another OSMF board meeting 4 months ago

Just for the record: face to face meetings have been a regular "feature" of the OSMF board since it exists, and they have been slightly controversial since then too :-)

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

The idea was already at least half a decade old when I posted

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

Broken record mode: what would help is if we simply could get news out to mappers regardless of if they have signed up to a forum, mailing list, etc etc etc That could improve participation in local events and so on without having to scourge the wiki or whatever..

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

There is no question that

a) essentially only the people on read it (given that the link is semi hidden, there is likely no accidental stumbling on it at all), that is roughly half a tenth of a percent of the people that have actually contributed to the map (irl it is naturally less).

b) just from a numbers pov it is obvious that nothing on has even the slightest bit of influence on mapper attraction and retention,

c) even adding up all mailing lists and forums the total number of participants is likely to be less than 1% of mappers that have actively contributed (in numbers roughly 2'500 forum users and a couple of 1'000 of mailing list subscribers), again the above applies

d) most mappers on OSM never interact with anybody else except via editing the same data set, and seem to be quite happy with this.

Summa summarum, even the notion that the mailing lists or the forum in total could have any noticeable influence on the number of new mappers or retention of them is simply absurd, and the fairy tale attributing that to osmf-talk should simply be seen as trying to gain political leverage and nothing else.

Building Canada 2020 6 months ago

@PierZen mikel is simply just doing what he is paid for, no need to blame him for that, the problem are the excessively naive people that believe him.

Building Canada 2020 6 months ago

@mikelmaron jaronswain simply confirmed that it actually has nothing to do with the OSM community in Canada and that they are now investigating convenient other sources for mechanical turks.

Not to mention the involvement of your employer in this which you forget to mention.

fieldpapers 6 months ago

Are you sure you are using vespucci? There is no such thing as a "selection cross" in the app.

If you are using it, please have a look at or the same text in the on-device help.

Building Canada 2020 6 months ago

What is exactly "community-led" about "Building Canada 2020"? I haven't seen anything that indicates that it is something else than stats canada trying to obtain a source of cheap mechanical turks (and a couple of bystanders making some money from the project).

fieldpapers 6 months ago

You might want to tell us what you are actually trying to do, particularly what makes it too hard to do on vespucci.

RTK test, Aerial pictures accuracy, and OSM Database Accuracy 8 months ago

Just a further note on increasing the possible accuracy: the 7 decimal digits are a consequence of using 32bit signed integers for the coordinates, changing that would be fairly involved.

In any case effects due to movements of the continental plates are larger (see ) than the limits on accuracy due to our coordinate representation and if anything should be addressed first.

presets are a sensitive topic 9 months ago

Maintaining a larger set of presets is a lot of work and we don't really have enough manpower to go around as is and for example just track common use as is (see the large difference between iD and JOSM presets). I'm not convinced that multiplying the number of presets is going to fix anything except burn even more time.

PS: @RobJN the wiki has said something else wrt "uncontrolled" since 2008 (crossing just with road markings) and I suspect that reflects common understanding more than an "unmarked" crossing..