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OSM Translation Nightmare! 20 days ago

All projects that are in the OpenStreetMap organisation on transifex can (and do share for the majority) translations. That means you can auto-fill exact matches from other projects translations.

For historic reasons the OSM website is translated somewhere else and that would be difficult to change, anything else could likely easily move to transifex.

PS: I'm not a particular transifex fan, but it works well enough for our purposes and avoids us having to run yet another service ourselves.

Transifex preset for tamil 29 days ago

Sorry but you still haven't explained -where- you have the issue, in transifex? (can't reproduce that there), in id (assuming that you are referring to the translations of iD presets) ? or somewhere else?

Transifex preset for tamil 29 days ago

Could you explain this a bit better? Perhaps with an example?


Towards a dedicated public issue tracking/project management system for OSM about 2 months ago

I've discussed this with imagico before.


  • while it can argued that having a non-github like issue tracker would remove the real or imagined bias towards software developers, it is however unlikely that the devs would want to give up the tight integration of the issue tracker with git that github-like systems provide. Having two -different- public issue tracker systems (plus trac for JOSM and itrs internally) would be a step back from what we do today,
  • in the end gitlab has exactly the same issues as github and what we would want is something thta allows single sign on with osm,org. That would for example be possible with a self-hosted instance of gitea.
Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 4 months ago

@imagico as you probably can guess, I completely realize the difficulty of selecting "good" imagery (though it might be getting easier over time to do automatically).

On the other hand there -would- be significant value in having a global Sentinel derived layer even if not continuously updated (but at least not totally stale), given that it is afaik currently the open imagery source with the highest nominal resolution. Naturally if the pain is large enough (say China) the imagery can already be used now, but doing so is rather convoluted and likely outside the means of out typical mapper.

I don't think funding would be a significant hurdle as the benefits are fairly clear, so the WMF and others could likely be convinced that the project makes sense (obviously other free imagery sources could be added where available, but that would be an undertaking with a far larger scope.

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 4 months ago

You might need be a bit more explicit about what, on topic (current aerial imagery), point there is to lean from Here.

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 4 months ago

@philippec what exactly did you wanted to convey with the link to a competing company?

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 4 months ago

@farhadGull as a clarification: no data or imagery from Here is a legit source for OSM editing.

Then: a year from now likely some other imagery provider will likely have more up to date imagery of that location and then somebody else and so. The providers of imagery mosaics update their imagery relatively seldom, as it costs money (in more than one way) and tend to concentrate on regions of the globe where it makes economic sense for them (particularly with respect to higher resolution imagery).

@imagico ever had any thoughts about generating a regularly (automaic updated) global Sentinel-2 layer for OSM use?

TIGER node/way burndown 4 months ago

Note I wasn't proposing to automatically delete anything, but simply having less qualms about stuff that is clearly nonsense (and could be included say in a maproulette task or similar for relatively fast review).

TIGER node/way burndown 4 months ago

I was thinking more of removing stuff that is silly: as in doesn't have any, even residual, value, like the masses of residentials in rural Texas where there is literally nothing. For example any untouched residential without a name should a deletion candidate (that could likely be further refined by excluding counties that had already been part ot the TIGER improvement program).

TIGER node/way burndown 4 months ago

While I would agree with iandees that there is lots of "good" TIGER (aka geometry and topology more or less correct), even good TIGER didn't have speed limits, turn restrictions, lane tags and so on, so we should expect even good TIGER to get touched at some point in time.

The other side of the story is that we know that a fair bit of the data is nonsense, unluckily the hoarding disorder that often manifests itself around imports is stopping us from taking the sane actions to clean up those bits.

GSoC iD notes ... linking the API with SVG 5 months ago

Given that you are making good progress (as expected :-)).

When you are done (soon), it might be a good idea to attack

Will the DWG block us all one day? 5 months ago

@SunCobalt "small as possible" number using 16.5k weekly editors number as a comparison, I take back the "as possible" because you could have used the daily number to show that the DWG has blocked over the life time of the project nearly as many as EDIT DAILY!!!!

Number of blocks in absolute numbers increasing: big secret, OSM is growing and it is growing faster every year. It would be really weird if the number of blocks was not increasing (even without the blips that have already been pointed out). And there is no indication that the relative block rate is changing in any larger way.

Will the DWG block us all one day? 5 months ago

If you have been paying attention you will know that there was a large influx of directed editors recently that not only didn't respond to messages (and made bad edits), but created larger numbers of sock puppets that were in turn blocked (IMHO reason enough to never ever let anybody from the companies involved near OSM again, but I digress). The blocking of a fair number of SEO accounts last and this year has already been mentioned as an additional larger source of blocks.

The other point of note is that cumulative graphs always point upwards and scale can be used to show whatever you want. The other distortion is comparing to random, as small as possible, numbers. We have had a bit over 1'000'000 contributors to the map data and that is the correct number to compare with a cumulative number over the lifetime of the project. So we are actually talking about less than 0.2% ever receiving a block (and naturally the larger portion of these being harmless "read the message" blocks). If we want to compare annual numbers, last year we had roughly 310'000 active contributors vs < 1'000 blocks, so still a very small number.

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

Just to correct a few of the many factual errors:

  • the LWG understands the ODbL very well, thank you,
  • the ODbL does not in any way forbid reuse of the data,
  • the issues with media productions have nothing, but really nothing, to do with the ODbL

To expand on the last point: the issue with media productions that want to use tiles from the standard style from is that they are licensed on CC BY-SA 2.0 terms . This does creates a bit of an oddity in that the producer (likely the OSMF) of these tiles is using a far stricter licence than what the ODbL requires (essentially just attribution), and that you can actually take the osm-carto style file and render your own tiles (exactly the same) on more permissive terms, or have somebody do that for you. But as said using CC BY-SA 2.0 is a choice by the OSMF not anything to do with the ODbL.

Further point, the nice thing about development in the open is that it is completely possible to inspect the facts. So I'm sure you have the hard numbers to back your statement that:

"I've seen too many developers who started learning Rails development and writing pull requests, only to be shot down."

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 5 months ago


Missing Roads from ImproveOSM now also on MapRoulette 6 months ago

" .... because we have 80.000 POTENTIALLY missing or wrong one-ways, almost 300.000 MAYBE missing turn restrictions, and almost 1.6 million PERHAPS missing road tiles."

Presenting QA results as absolutes is a trap that we all tend to faill in to, but in reality, at best, they are just hints that something might be missing/wrong.

Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? 7 months ago

@n76 upps sorry wrong account.

Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? 7 months ago

@Glassman I particularly like " anonymized string of numbers unique to each device...", now obviously the police could obtain similar, likely not quite as good information from the mobile network operators, and in the case of actual crimes it is likely that nobody would seriously object to that being possible.

The real problem is a private company, operating multiple monopolies in different areas of business, has unfettered access to such information.

When the World Needs a Map, Give them a Database 8 months ago

Mapbox can raise $164 million because Softbank believes there is a non-zero probability that it will get a billion or two back (likely via a trade sale),

It really has nothing to do with financing OSMs day to day operations or how easy or hard it is to find suitable sources of funding for the OSMF.