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The 20% drop in new contributors (preliminary analysis) 25 days ago

@DeBigC sounds kind of normal and roughly in line with the influx of new mappers we see here

One time editors have always been common as long as I’ve been involved in OSM and “larger mappers” that is contributors that have turned mapping in to their hobby are rare and I wouldn’t really expect that to change.

The dynamics are naturally going to be different in developing countries.

The 20% drop in new contributors (preliminary analysis) 25 days ago

@pnorman thanks for the numbers, I think they at least indicate that there was something going on with the HOT numbers.

Naturally contributions tend to lag conversion/signup by a fair bit, but on the other hand if we assume that most HOT signups happen immediately at events at which the signups start mapping, those numbers would actually align with the periods we are looking at.

To name or not to name ... about 1 month ago

@stevea the point was not that residential areas can’t have names, the question was about using the brand of a development company to nmae them.

Viofo A129 Dashcam Video ➡ Mapillary about 2 months ago

From a world wide point of view there may be legal issues.

Guess what mvexels audience here is.

Viofo A129 Dashcam Video ➡ Mapillary about 2 months ago

Unluckily it probably has to be said: check your local legislation before using a dash cam in general and specifically for mapillary.

Eight things that I've learned while mapping my neighborhood 2 months ago
Street name format are not consistent in OSM. 

Best see if you can contact other mappers in the country and get agreement on how to handle them. Potentially it is also a good idea to get input from the Nominatim maintainers.

What we need from the OSMF Board elections 4 months ago

@dolbr historically financials has always been the largest non-delegated board task (with the exception of actual accounting), because there are a number of things in that space that are difficult to hand off to non-staff / non-officers. Growth is just making it more and more painful (and the specifics of the OSMF naturally don’t make it easier either).

What we need from the OSMF Board elections 4 months ago

No one disagrees with your opinion that OSMF should be more governance oriented and less of a working board.

Well for starters the board as a whole seems to disagree with that. The last three boards have been substantially more hands on than previous boards going back a decade, not to mention to the communications that refocused from the working group to the board activities over the same time frame.

Markdown Test 4 months ago

The map editing software doesn’t have a diary function.

The OSM website has (among other things), a diary function and a way of starting a number of different editing apps on the area that you happen to be viewing.

Changeset age / ID Confusion 4 months ago

@mvexel prior to 0.6 there was no grouping of edits. The objects versions had timestamps just as they had now, but as @mmd points out that is all independent of the concept of an “upload” which is not reflected (including in 0.6) in the data model.

Changeset age / ID Confusion 4 months ago

It is just an artifact from when changesets were introduced in March 2009 and they were automatically created from the existing edits at the time.

With other words you are being sentimental about something you never actually did, that is create a changeset in 2007.

Some thoughts on SotM 2022 5 months ago

Conferences will tend to be biased towards those that can either afford to go there or are paid to be present, so organizations with deep pockets will always be over represented (chatting with somebody during the conferences we were musing if there was a majority present that would be sending in expense claims on Monday, and our conclusion was yes).

This year it was even more noticeable due to the adjacent FOSS4G and naturally due to the fact that you could easily participate online, thanks to the pandemic for that one :-).

Using Global Building Data 6 months ago

@coolmule0 while the ODbL is nominal compatible with itself, that is not the point. Incorporating ODbL licensed data makes a future licence change of any kind (and if it is just fixing the couple of minor issues the current version of the ODbL has), completely dependent on the good will of the original licensors (if they even still exist at that point in time), or removing the data in question.

There’s a further issue with all licenses that don’t allow sub-licensing that makes all such sources problematic, but that isn’t an ODbL specific issue.

Using Global Building Data 6 months ago

Besides everything that has been said, there are regions, for example the UK, where if the outlines were generated from Bing imagery, the imagery is obviously no longer available making it very difficult to determine if the outlines are even just half correct.

The other issue is naturally, as has been pointed out many times, that the licensing isn’t ideal and will long term cause issues.

The earth is defintely flat (OSM and the GDPR) 7 months ago

@woodpeck there are lots of bits and pieces that could have been done 4 years ago with minimum effort and programming, for example restricting access to planet files with PI. This would have been totally unproblematic and with minimal or even no impact (as most consumers immediately throw the problematic data away in the 1st place).

But instead of doing that, distribution of the problematic dumps has actually been increased via torrents and mirrors (9 in 2018, now 17) making the issue worse instead of better.

The earth is defintely flat (OSM and the GDPR) 8 months ago

PS: page 11 contains an an analysis of who would have been impacted in which way by the changes.

The earth is defintely flat (OSM and the GDPR) 8 months ago

‘In the end, I didn’t see much convincing arguments how we could possibly implement the suggested changes without causing at least some breakage in the ecosystem. ‘

This is a bit of a straw man because nobody was suggesting that there would be no breakage, just that nearly all changes would be limited to non-authenticated use.

As to questioning the approach, yes the earth is really really flat.

The earth is defintely flat (OSM and the GDPR) 8 months ago

@mmd you’ve got that the wrong way around. Volunteer interest in doing these tasks hasn’t been forthcoming (for more that 4 years) and is never likely to (for the reasons mentioned). That’s why the OSMF should completely outsource them.

Towards unified tagging of schools 8 months ago

There has just been an extensive discussion of school tagging on the tagging mailing list which you seem to have missed.

That said, detailed school mapping is difficult, there is not even agreement on what a, distinct identifiable, school is. Is a facility operated by the same organisation spread over two locations two schools or one? Are different grades different schools? Are schools using the same facility but different school administration separate or not? At which level of administration are schools the same and when do they become separate entities?

Adressen in Wil SG, Schweiz werden von Rossrüti und Bronschhofen gezogen 10 months ago

Es wäre vermutlich besser die Frage auf der Schweizer Mailingliste zu stellen, aber welche “Adressabfrage” meinst du, und was gibst du ein?

Ich hab mal nach ein paar Adressen gesucht in der Gegend und hab jetzt nichts aussergewöhnliches gesehen.