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COSCUP 2017 OSM 相關議程心得 (1) 10 months ago


大家都加油!期待週末的SoTM Taiwan!(啊呀簡報還沒做呢)

沒事遛遛老人遛遛小孩遛遛自己 almost 5 years ago


第一次繪圖 almost 5 years ago


OpenStreet test! almost 5 years ago

我看得到,筆於兩年後的台北 XD

臺灣巷弄的tagging almost 5 years ago

7/24的反服貿Mapping Party,我才從Dongpo那邊知道原來未分類並不一定是最小的所以沒分類,而是在residential到tertiatry之間有一大堆的路都放在這裡,跟直覺有點相反啊XD

Funeral Services almost 5 years ago

Thanks, that helps a lot. I didn't know the tag was abandoned. The links indicate that funeral directors tag can be used in funeral parlors, which is the exact translation I saw on the official translation on Taipei city government webpage.

So I think I will switch the tag into funeral_directors. It's very alike your description of funeral homes in New Zealand. Although it's still a bit different in some sense of the not "shop" character of the funeral parlors in Taiwan. The funeral homes here are mostly public, so I guess less people imagine this place as a shop rather then public facilities.

前幾天進去了台北市立第二殯儀館 about 5 years ago

Yes, Changsunsun, that's what I mean! The last gentle hug of our beloved family is turned into the the clear energy which provides air conditioning there. Eerie but clean. ;)

Survey at night over 5 years ago

I see. I will use my own survey to create content in OSM. Thank you for the reminder.