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Metropolis style

Posted by Severak on 21 September 2016 in English (English).

I am glad to introduce you Metropolis style. It was developed for Matička Metropolis, a travel agency based in Prague. It aims to be general purpose city plan.

As of today, it’s available at Czech portal for general use.

If you are interested in that style feel free to contact me.

Now some pics

Prague city center

Prague suburban area

an train stop lost in woods

Note that tram lines, public transport stops and power lines are visible only in Czech republic.

Lunarender roadmap

Posted by Severak on 11 July 2016 in English (English). Last updated on 23 September 2016.

Once upon a time I introduced lunarender map renderer here.

A month ago somebody asked on github if project is still alive. I told him project was suspended.

But this was impulse for later development.

I began to investigating how to solve major problems with my renderer.

GeoJson as rescue

I decided to switch to GeoJson as native input format. It will solve major problems with my renderer.

Firstly, there is nice nodejs app osmtogeojson. I will use it for assembling multipolygons.

Secondly, there are geojson-encoded vector tiles from Mapzen. I will use them to render large areas of maps in “tile by tile” fashion.

Planned features for v2

  • cross-platform installation (aka no win binaries in linux zip)
  • better command line parameters (inspired by Pandoc)
  • better user manual (inspired by Pandoc again)
  • multiple input formats (OSM XML, GeoJson, Mapzen tiles)
  • multiple output formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, GeoJson)
  • more map projections (probably via proj4)
  • ability to render large area from vector tiles
  • some improvements in rules syntax

Icon editor

I am also thinking about creating svg icon/texture editor. I used Piskelapp for my pixel-art-style icons, but it has no support for saving in SVG.

Feedback welcome

Feel free to ask some questions or suggest some ideas.

Soviet style

Posted by Severak on 1 January 2016 in English (English).

For next style of my renderer I took a lofty goal - Soviet military topography maps.

I think OpenStreetMap definitely deserves an Soviet-military-like layer, because it’s more than just a map - there are tons of data hidden in database which are not shown on standard layers.

So I made one for my renderer. It can be used with command like this:

lunarender map.osm rules/soviet.lua

Enough talking, show us teh maps….


viaducts in Hlubočepy and Barrandov bridge on right side:


(not bad for week old renderer software, isn’t it?)

panel housing estate Lužiny:


(definitely looking better on map than in reality)

Strašnice, note tram depot at upper side, disused railway classification yard at bottom and subway running from north to east:


power substation near Chodov:


all previous pics was taken in Prague. But this style is useful in small villages too:


It isn’t perfect yet. I cannot properly render multipolygons yet, which is seen at this view of Palmovka:


Note the blue dashed line where the missing river is.

Multipolygon support is number one in my todo, because it means lots of missing rivers and woods now. There are a lot of work waiting to be done…


Posted by Severak on 31 December 2015 in English (English).

I am glad to introduce you a new renderer written by me.

Despite its name it is used for rendering of earth surface mostly.

Useful for ad-hoc rendering, not intended as batch tileset renderer alternative.

For more info and download visit severak/lunarender at Github.


  • input format: OSM XML, Overpass API JSON output
  • output format: SVG
  • rendering rules scriptable with lua


(following demo pictures are centered on Palmovka)

default stylesheet:

default style

(note missing river - LunaRender cannot render multipolygons for now)

grey style with trams drawn in color:

grey style

technology demo - nodes sharing within paths. Darker nodes - more shared.

shared nodes

technology demo - all nodes and ways rendered:

all nodes and ways

technology demo - random colored houses:

random colors

tram network rendering style:

trams style

Nymburk in default style:


Hlubočepy in grey style:


entire tram network of Liberec and Jablonec extracted from Overpass API (note scroll or unzoom to see something)