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Mapping sewer pipes

I think man_made=sewer_vent is perfectly good too, and it does seem about as used as the other. Especially for these more significant ones (it looks like there’s a cluster of them in Canada, but maybe those are more like small pipes in a larger installation, because there’s a bunch close together).

Maybe the plumbers of the world make a distinction between the vent (the bit where the gas comes out at the top) and the shaft? I used to work with electricians who were scathing of anyone calling the whole light-and-pole structure a “streetlight” when obviously it was a streetlight on top of a pole. I’m glad OSM isn’t going that pedantic… yet. :-)

Mapping sewer pipes

Another possible tagging would be pipeline=vent, such as on this heritage-listed vent.

A slightly rainy mapping party in Fremantle

@Cascafico: yes, I’ve looked at the Microsoft footprints dataset, it’s certainly useful. I have found, however, that it’s pretty much as much time-consuming to clean them up as it is to trace from scratch, especially if one has walked the street beforehand and can better interpret things like different building parts. Probably more suburban areas like you link to are easier.

3D Mapping

I think OSM2World can be used to get quicker local rendering of 3D features (at least, so I learnt recently from this video by @b-unicycling ).

Vanishing built heritage

Unfortunately, their links need the number AND name of the building, it seems, so we cannot link directly from OSM to using that number.

I guess it’s not the best link, but Wikidata’s Irish National Inventory of Architectural Heritage ID (P4088) property uses URLs like

Also, I guess every place in that database should also be in Wikidata, so can have a wikidata=* key as well.

Meetup in Claremont (Western Australia)

Thanks everyone!

And yep, @Fizzie41, some of us did use Field Papers. It’s a great tool! For business names and details, I find OSM Go (aka Mapping less frustrating) pretty good (although I wish it were better at address-gathering).

FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2021 — Perth Hub 12–13 November

Oh well, next year maybe! :-)

Pole Mapping

Oh that sounds pretty great! Do you have an example of the result?

Pole Mapping

Do you mean for laying end-on-end to measure rods accurately?

Spam diary entries

That’s a good idea Richard, I’ll try.

Path gone

Good idea. Done!

What is this feature for?

It’s basically a blog in which you can write about your mapping escapades.

There is some more information on the wiki.

Public Transport V2 - many routes are invalid...

Thanks for this Warin, it’s very useful.

posting screen shots (rendered in Microsoft Paint) in "New Diary Entry"

You have to upload them somewhere else (such as Flickr maybe), and then link them here with the ![Image name]( format.

Descriptions of OSM tags in any language using Wikidata

Where they’re not the same thing, we should be removing the OSM link as it’s incorrect (and perhaps creating a new Wikidata item that does represent the correct concept).

Descriptions of OSM tags in any language using Wikidata

Hm, good points @Tordanik!

Actually, I think the mention of motor racing in the chicane description shouldn’t actually be there. Descriptions are meant to basically just clarify the label enough so that multiple identical labels can be told apart (e.g. chicane (Q74231) “artificial feature creating extra turns in a road” vs. Chicane (Q76913) “English musician, composer, songwriter and record producer”). I’ve updated it! :-)

And perhaps the item descriptions are a source for inaccuracies, but I hope the item labels are less so. For example, footpath (Q3352369) is ‘Fußweg’, and sidewalk (Q177749) is ‘Gehweg’ — I don’t speak German, but perhaps this helps clarify things?

Anyway, sorry, I hope I’m not sounding critical! I think we’re just agreeing! :-)

Oh, and the other cool thing is to also be able to make links to other ontologies, such as Dentist Q2979300 being linked to Tag:amenity=dentist and

Descriptions of OSM tags in any language using Wikidata

The problem with using wikipedia / wikidata for this is that the words that OSM uses to describe things often don’t match the dictionary definition

But with these Wikidata items, someone as added the “OpenStreetMap tag or key” property (P1282), which means that there is a solid semantic equivalence between the OSM tag and the Wikidata label (of course, still perhaps not 100%).

So for example “footpath” (Q3352369) equates to “highway=footway” and not “footway=sidewalk” which is linked to “sidewalk” (Q177749).

Mapping Swadlincote (Derbyshire) only by strolls

What method do you use to collect map data when out strolling?

OAuthCommunity request

JOSM used to have two sorts of user authentication, but I think now just has one. You used to be able to sign in with your username and password, or via the OAuth mechanism; the latter is now the only way. So there’s nothing wrong with this request, and it’s required in order for you to be able to upload from JOSM.

Better Walking Papers

Ah cool, thanks @GOwin that makes sense. I’ll try with an older version. Thanks!