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New to OSM

Posted by Rusty Nichols on 3 July 2013 in English (English)

Dear Diary, July 3th 2013, my first entry... I was requested by my boss to create a restaurant map of the new location our company will be moving to in August. Using OpenStreetMap as my base map in Arc, I noticed this area lacking streets and neighborhoods and a huge shopping complex called Vintage Park. I manually created my own layers for the map and and using GE captured all the restaurant locations in a points FC. For my symbology I used a circle and a color ramp for each. I also numbered each restaurant and placed that number in the circle. After creating the legend I figured out you can't mimic the symbology by placing a number in the symbol unless I find a font with numbers 1-99 and build my own...So, after searching GIS blogs I came across an article talking about editing the OSM content. Followed the link, signed up, and added new streets to my AOI. I'm thinking, how long does it take before they are posted? and...should I add symbols in OSM to the restaurants and other establishments in the area? I don't really see that many businesses added except for hotels. and the big picture, am I the only one in Houston that's going to be entering content? This is a big city that's still growing and changing. I will try to keep up!

Location: Noble Energy Way, Kohrville, Harris County, Texas, 77070, United States of America