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closed 3478931 RpalmerAC

Construction for a Lulu's Car Wash. Will revisit in future when finished.

open 4175115 bdentremont

Unnamed residential streets in this area are paved, but have not yet been signposted as of ground survey today. Will revisit as names become available.

closed 3575054 bdentremont

Complete new residential roads here once finished. Observed new development while passing by and confirmed clearing in current Bing imagery. Roads do not yet appear in imagery or tax map.

closed 3468150 RpalmerAC

Neighborhood point tagged as a hamlet but wouldn't a neighborhood or subdivision but better defined with Neighborhood Areas?

closed 3010379

So sitting at the entrance of my driveway your map has me out in the middle of a field. I looked at a few other addresses for my neighbors and they to are way off.

closed 2682028 OSMWeekly

name= Gas & Sports Convenience
housenumber= 10160

via StreetComplete 31.3

closed 2682032 OSMWeekly

Darnell Park

via StreetComplete 31.3

closed 3462270

Road renamed to Julep Way SE. Aiken Mall Dr has also been divided at Julep Way. Northern portion of Aiken Mall Dr to remain the same name until after the intersection of East Gate Drive. The Southern portion to continue to following plaza and be named Braided Mane Pass. See Aiken County GIS Website for confirmation.

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