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Mapping Swadlincote (Derbyshire) only by strolls about 1 month ago

Yep Swad is one black spot in the local area. Many years I tidied up the road alignment and added many missing ones but nearly all that was from imagery.

Excellent that you are updating the area.

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 4 months ago

This was a smaller than I expected survey. Basically for those who have not clicked it just asks you your username, gender, age range, nationality, etc.

I am confused about what you are going to do with this basic info. Is it just to get a new updated ratio of male to female? or are you going to looking at my and others editing patterns and determine if we have biases/any bias exists?

最終発表会レジュメ 11 months ago

3 =

The Fukuoka sinkhole is mapped about 1 year ago

Interesting you choose to change the map. Each situation is different and I bow to your local knowledge and how OSM japan do things but a similar case in the UK.

A railway line next to the sea was washed away in storms.

and took nearly 2 months to rebuild and reopen.

The decision was taken in the UK to not change the map at all and (I think) reverted any changes that were made.

The logic being that different providers take data and didn't want to make this data out of synchronization with those providers that might update infrequently and this line will be opened again soon. Temporary closures like this are difficult to map and no real right or wrong answers.

Railway Crossings challenge for MapRoulette about 1 year ago

"47995853 nodes ought to be enough for anyone"

It is to do with hitting a 2GB default limit rather than a specfic number.

Not very often I can talk about issues on OSM.

comparing openstreemap-carto to other map styles over 1 year ago

For the airports the solution has been in that github issue for a year and a half.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? (13) over 1 year ago

Hand written maps will always be able to provide better cartography than automated algorithms.

Islands are especially difficult to have rules that work globally and it is seems that these Canary islands are especially difficult.

It seems that the island of Tenerife is in the group of islands called the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is part of the Canary islands which is part of Spain. I am not an expert (never been there and know nothing about these islands really) on this at all that is just a browse of wikipedia - I may have got that wrong too.

The question is what do you want displayed at each zoom in the ideal world and then that rule has to work globally for all island groups. There is no good answer for this.

Also the data in Openstreetmap appears to a little broken here too.

We have islands as nodes for Tenerife and as a relation where the English is a place I have never heard of called Teneriffa (name=en:Teneriffa)

They probably need to be sorted out as it might be trying to display the name twice and causing problems

We also choose on show the native language they speak for the country. Confusing if you just want the English but this is an international projetc and we respect that.

All that said there are known issues with some of the lower zoom levels and displaying more meaningful information capitals, etc and this is regularly being updated.

It is still a very difficult thing to do automatically for every map. I would argue it is more important to show the country rather than the capital city. So Belgium has 3 native languages so it is likely more important to show those rather than the capital city.

Paris though I think should be there and a few others.

We also display the different areas/provinces/states/etc of each country so they are displayed - sometimes these are useful other times not so much.

This is also compounded by the very problematic fact that each country decides taht level these provinces/areas/staes/etc appear (different admin levels) In is IMHO the single biggest problem with OSM data at these low zooms. And one that can only be fixed by have a global consensuses and changing the data on mass. But consensus and mass changing data are dirty words in OSMland

Mapillarising Brazil over 1 year ago

"She's pretty bored of all this mapping stuff"

Some would say that she was bored 2 years ago at a London pub meetup.

MAPS.ME is now an editor over 1 year ago

Excellent news.

Looks likes this new change has added a load of new users editing the map (lots in your app and I imagine many more have greater awareness of OSM and editing features via other editors)

Yesterday we had the largest number of editors in a day ever at 4830 (previous highest was in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake last year)

and looks like still growing....

Sidewalks! over 1 year ago

If you really want to have the left/right sidewalk as the casing maybe you could have the casing slightly narrower (than your both sides rendering) and offset to the left or right respectively. Just a theory but sounds hackable.

Aligning hiway to Bing imagery almost 2 years ago

Often Bing is much better than some dodgy GPS track. Carry on aligning. So people here do not modern technology to contribute to openstreetmap.

Private Plugin for "Faint" Trails? almost 2 years ago

There is a opinion that maybe you shouldn't put them in as footpath, etc at all. If after 11 years no data consumer has ever used some of these lesser known sub tags. Sometimes we have to look at our data rather than always blaming the data consumers.

Why am I against wholesale import of administrative boundaries from any 3rd party source for the Philippines over 2 years ago

Disclaimer: I am not local to this and have not looked at the data just your interpretation. The license issues aside I am unsure of your objections here.

The picture that you had for the "really bad" example (and I presume you picked a particularly bad case to make you point) I do not think is bad at all. It is mostly a little offset that is all. If you realigned them it would be much clearer. An semi mechanical human variable import could easily overcome this. Even if you do not do this and have a compare and contrast of the dataset with OSM data can result in areas that need to be investigated by other means, e.g. on the ground (if that is at all possible with admin boundaries), etc.

It appears you haven't consider these possibilities.

Also I am a little confused as to adding something that is roughly/nearly/high percentage correct instead of the alternative which is, well, nothing at all. This an ongoing issue with most opendata projects I know of - having something that is not 100% correct and over time improve it versus waiting until it is perfect before adding it.

New road style for the Default map style - the full version over 2 years ago

I dislike the suggested pedestrian style - it looks like a building. Take the carto css default pic how can you or anyone tell if it is pedestrian or a building for the far right.

It needs to be lightened up a bit IMHO. Personally i think living streets should be more like residential roads. I am not sure why you think the are like pedestrian walkways.

Actually I would like some pattern paving for pedestrian ways a map image a bit like (only time for a quick Google)

New road style for the Default map style - highway=path is evil over 2 years ago

lighten the forest and wood area and darken the green motorways

"It is not so easy - this would start problems with forest too close to other green landuses. It also would not solve problem with motorways looking like rivers"

I disagree this was discussed before you joined the carto project. We have too many greens and the current green for trunks is too dull. We still need to sort the greens out....

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 3 years ago

Are you really saying that I cannot come up with a set of coordinates that lose data? Please at least make any challenges that require me to use some of my intelligence when throwing down the gauntlet.

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 3 years ago

Are you really saying that I cannot come up with a set of coordinates that lose data? Please at least make any challenges that require me to use some of my intelligence when throwing down the gauntlet.

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 3 years ago

Still there is no need to use this. Over time we will get more detailed information in OSM. (I know some of you hate this idea but it is true) Moaning about users uploading detailed information really isn't needed or I would argue desired. What harm does it really do? This really isn't that detailed. All simplifying algorithms lose information. I do not see any need to lose this information. The only reason is to put a burden on the editor.

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 3 years ago

So that would be every 30 cm which is what he had the data anyway apparently. So it would be the same as the import therefore not quite sure of the point of it. Why add more barriers to entry for OSM? Is OSm for old timer dinosaurs only? shrug The real issue here is some don't want detailed mapping.

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 3 years ago

Ok I have tidied up that golf course. Removed the tags on the nodes and deleted the additional dup ways.

Oh to explain JOSMs Simplified Way well ... IMHO useless for any sort of detailed mapping. You lose a ridiculous amount of detail. Maybe some of you have never used it.....