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Posted by UKChris on 22 March 2020 in English (English)

In the UK, the brand “Carphone Warehouse” is closing all of its standalone mobile phone branches, and only having concession stands / counters inside “Currys PC World” stores.

When it comes to adding / updating Carphone Warehouse to OSM, is there any OSM tag that can be included with a Carphone Warehouse node that’s placed on or within a Currys PC World, that indicates it is actually inside a Currys PC World? e.g. ‘is_in:Currys PC World’, ‘inside:Currys PC World’ or ‘location:Currys PC World’?

Or would placing a node on / within a Currys PC World be enough to indicate it’s inside the building?

Alternatively, would it be better to tag Currys PC World with a particular tag that indicates it contains a Carphone Warehouse inside, or even updating the name tag to “Currys PC World Carephone Warehouse”, rather than having a separate node for Carphone Warehouse?

Comment from Tomodachi94 on 23 March 2020 at 02:59

The “Brand” and [“Wikidata( tags can be really helpful in this case. Unfortunately, you would have to add these tags manually. On the bright side, it will help with editing lots of these warehouses at the same time. Best of mapping, Tomodachi94

Comment from Rovastar on 23 March 2020 at 06:08

I would suggest all Currys PCWorlds have a carphone warehouse after the change (if they do not already) they are all the same company so maybe the shop tag for Carphone warehouse can die completely

Things will change so quick now in retail It will be difficult to keep up with the closures in the next 6 months/year. At least in the UK there are some major high traffic areas areas that are so future proofed by existing mapping they will look complete.

Comment from Richard on 23 March 2020 at 09:21

I wouldn’t bother tagging Carphone Warehouses within Currys PC World at all, other than perhaps an additional shop=mobile_phone node. We don’t tag their KnowHow repair brand separately, after all. (Similarly, Morrisons call their fresh produce section “Market Street” yet we don’t tag it separately.)

Comment from CjMalone on 23 March 2020 at 16:53

In similar situations I would do something along the lines of operator=Currys PC World and indoor=yes, however I don’t think this is technically the correct use for indoor.

@Richard I don’t know any details about Carphone Warehouse, but if the opening times are different I would argue for a separate node. This is how I do it with cafes inside Morrisons stores, typically named “Market Street Cafe”.

Comment from Robert Whittaker on 24 March 2020 at 19:33

For outlets/concessions of one brand mapped within a larger store of a different band, if I was adding the address to an OSM object for the former, I would typically include the name of the larger store in the addr:housename=* tag. This then leads to a sensible address, when you compile the various addr:* tags. For example:

  • Tiny Town Post Office (name)
  • Co-op Daily (addr:housename)
  • Main Street (addr:street)
  • Tiny Town (addr:city)
  • TT1 1AA (addr:postcode)

So I’d use that for the Carphone Warehouse outlets, adding a addr:housename=Currys PC World to the Carphone Warehouse node. (I’ve already done this for a few of them I spotted, which will allow me to automatically remove false positives from when Carphone Warehouse gets added to that tool next month.)

Comment from CjMalone on 25 March 2020 at 11:39

@Robert Whittaker that does make sense in terms of addresses, but I don’t think a client of OSM data can reliably use it. At least not without special casing for Post Offices, Carphone Warehouse, cafes in supermarkets, etc and that is not scalable.

A client needs to be able to say “Carphone Warehouse is located inside Currys PC World” but “name is located inside addr:housename” is far to generic.

My suggestion of operator=Currys PC World and indoor=yes is wrong. It’s an incorrect use of both tags, operator is a legal company that runs the node, it would line up sometimes but it’s not reliable.

I like the idea of is_in or rather is_in:store however it seems is_in is deprecated. So I guess my argument is that we need a new tag for this case.

@Richard I’ve still not found a source that says all the Currys PC World stores are 3-in-1 stores. The press release sort of implies it, but not completely. But once we see what rebranding happens, you may well be right, only one POI is needed in this case. Then I’d recommend alt_name=Currys;PCWorld;Carphone Warehouse shop=electronics;computer;mobile_phone with a name that matches the rebrand.

Comment from UKChris on 25 March 2020 at 16:59

I have asked Currys, and they tell me not all Currys PC World’s currently have a Carphone Warehouse in store, and that it wouldn’t necessarily be the case that every outlet ended up having one once the Carphone Warehouse branches have closed.

Comment from impiaaa on 25 March 2020 at 19:42

I’ve used location=indoor do describe shops (as a separate node) inside other shops, but I think I’m the only one—indoor=yes is more common.

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