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Ducere Est Servire "To Lead is to Serve"

Posted by Raynemllr on 24 October 2018 in English (English)

As you look on the edits I’ve made in my neighborhood, the most common edits are buildings, specifically houses, btw I used JOSM/Java OpenStreetMap in editing my neighborhood. When I’m editing my neighborhood, I didn’t realize that there are houses in some spaces that I wouldn’t expect that there could be one. In province (my province, Tarlac), most houses aren’t close at all, comparing it to most houses in manila that were very close to each other. I used the Mapillary to take pictures for the street imagery. When I’m taking picture for the street image, I realized that most of the house addresses that I’ve seen were not numerically arranged properly, what I mean is that the way that the houses were placed aren’t the same with the addresses if you’ll arrange them (you know whattam sayin’ haha). By doing this project, I have discovered some places that I’ve never seen in my neighborhood, and I am very thankful for the opportunity. *ps. you should bring a stick when taking pictures for street imagery, trust me it’ll be helpful to scare dogs haha.

On October 25, 2018 we’re (my classmates) about to have the last class in the program (CWTS++), and I cannot put into words how much I will miss this class. I might not look thankful physically but deep inside I am. This program helped me a lot to achieve one of my goals in life, it is to help people all around the word. At first, when you’re about to map for the first time, it may seemed boring but as you go deep in on some projects, it’s interesting or could alse be challenging depending on the situation. I was very excited when my Professor (Sir. Erwin) told us that we have a project on the Typhoon Ompong that destructed a part of my country (Philippines) because while I’m watching the news about the typhoon there were people who needed help. I did really want to help that time, but how? Luckily there was OSM! I contributed on that typhoon Opmpong project that were assigned to us to do. With that, I feel relieved when we finished that said project. All in all, this kind of experience is one of kind because I can say that I’m not JUST mapping, I’m also helping people. Someday, I want to lead a group that helps people around the world, and this could be the start.

Chosen feature in my neighborhood

Posted by Raynemllr on 25 August 2018 in English (English)

We have this place in my neighborhood, and its name was Capitolyo. Capitolyo is a place where there were a lot of restaurants and bars in it, it also has supermarket which I can buy goods and other things. I chose this because I tend to go there every time when I get stressed out because of school works. In other words, it is my stress reliever place. I am looking forward in my neighborhood to have more places like this.