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open 4021769 RaphaelPasloin

Vrije Basisschool “De Wemelweide” Not Sainte Famille

closed 4021649 Jhowie_Nitnek

New border between Waterloo and Braine-l'Alleud runs trough the lion now

closed 4008274 RaphaelPasloin

From here until Albert II : new lane for bus + bicycle (just painting, not yet signs)

closed 4020733 RaphaelPasloin

razed :

closed 4020716 RaphaelPasloin

There is no park yet here ; it's a project.
See Fases here :

Actualy it's still a farmland (maybe abandoned but not a park) :

Some trees have benn planted Saturday 02/12/2023 but not until the Groot-Bijgaardenstraat (circa 50 % on the west of actual forest mapped). Btw it's not landuse=forest but natural=wood (it's not planted to be exploited as forestry).

closed 3973929 Thierry1030

remove name + tag according to the wiki

closed 4004914 Thierry1030

cycleway > remove access=no

open 4000569 StefDeGreef

Check for velobox around here

open 4000635 StefDeGreef

Check for velobox here

open 4003453 StefDeGreef

Check for velobox around here

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