Mapper since:
February 08, 2015

Hyperactive OSM contributor. I live in Brussels and I am happy to be part of our great OpenStreetMap BE community.

My typical contributions on the map (as of February 2024):

🚇️ Public transport in Brussels: all metro and pre-metro stations are on the map, with entrances, platforms and stairs and current work is about improving routing inside stations or adding even more details; STIB/MIVB network is complete, so is the Waterbus; current activities include surveying railway stations to improve routing.

🏠️ Manual review of every building in Brussels city centre: shape of buildings, housenumbers and getting rid of some unnecessary tags from former imports. This means surveying every street one by one to add doors as accurately as possible.

👮‍♂️ Hunting for tagging mistakes: I monitor recent changes on the map and warn fellow mappers about possible mistakes. Offering help too.

📍 Some armchair work based on high-resolution aerial imagery, for instance to improve pedestrian routing, add relevant urban objects (crossings, traffic signals, benches, waste baskets, trees and much more).

🚶 Mapping footways and cycleways in areas with which I am familiar. Occasionally, shops, amenities, parks and more.

I maintain a handbook aimed at new contributors (latest version: 2024-01-12).

OSM-related accounts: OSM help OSM community OSM Wiki Repair account

I am active on the OpenStreetMap BE Matrix channel. My MXID is

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