Mapper since: February 08, 2015

Lives in Brussels. Loves OSM and wishes to be a useful contributor. Will gladly participate to meetings of the Belgian mappers community whenever possible.

My typical contributions on the map (as of December 2018):

  • measuring Brussels metro stations to include platforms, stop positions, stairs, footways, elevators and create a geographically-accurate and routable structure. Lines 1, 2 and 5 are complete (platforms, tracks and all entrances). Currently surveying line 6 and the premetro routes.

  • survey of all STIB/MIVB tram and bus stops. Current status: all routes are on the map, 2,149 stops out of 2,305 have perfect location and all the other stops are considered to be roughly well located.

  • adding shops in Brussels city centre and occasionally elsewhere in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • hunting for tagging mistakes, dealing with notes, improving shape of streets where reliable high-quality aerial imagery is available.

  • mapping footways and cycleways in areas I am familiar with.

Everyone makes mistakes now and then; I take great care in respecting standards and not breaking things but should I make something wrong, please inform me.

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