Mapper since: May 03, 2013

Retired Cartographer (1970 - 2008). Last position was Senior Cartographer for Philip’s World Reference and School Atlases :…………….. Associate Member of Openstreetmap Foundation : Voting Member of HOT Was : co-Chair of Activation Working Group : co-Chair of Quality Control and Assurance Working Group :

HOT mapper since 2013 >< : Tutor and Validator Supervisor at Missing Maps Mapathons, London : My Heat Map: : My OpenStreetMap contributuions: :

Validation Coordinator for HOT Coordination Team, Member of HOT Training Working Group, Strategic Planning Group, Microgrants Selection Group, COVID-19 Response Team

Worked with West African Motorbike Mappers in Sierra Leone

Worked with Warwick University (Institute of Science of Cities) with mapping of slums for research

Worked with Portsmouth University (Crisis & Disaster Management) on post disaster mapping in Dominica

Helped Crowd2Map in Tanzania with campaign against FGM

Liaising with US GeoNames Database regarding Place Names on OSM