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Posted by PkBuzios on 7 July 2021 in English.

Seale-Hayne Seale-Hayne is a former university located in Devon, UK. It was one of the first purpose-built agriculture colleges in the country, the foundation stone was laid back in 1914 and the construction finished in 1918 when the site was lent for the army to treat shell shock victims from the first world war and in 1920 it would finally receive it’s first agriculture student. The university functioned until 2005 when it was closed and the site was sold. Today it functions as a business centre, hosting different business and charities offices, artists studios, a well-being centre with a pool and a café. It still has a active alumina community which maintains a Heritage Room with objects from the university’s time.

I spent last months slowly mapping the place, adding buildings, names, paths and a few of the business. With the help of StreetComplete I could add a lot of detailed info such as number of steps, building floors, surfaces, etc.

Before After

Location: Seale-Hayne Business Campus, Newton Abbot, Teignbridge, Devon, England, TQ12 6NQ, United Kingdom