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Sorry: StreetLevel Imagery

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 15 September 2020 in English (English)

For a good part of a year I have been marking street level imagery instead of Aerial Imagery.

I though Aerial Imagery was zoomed out a lot and Street Level imagery was close to the ground. Sorry.

Mapping as Protest

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 31 May 2020 in English (English)

Go on past 8PM in your time zone. Find a helicopter in the air that is making an obscure amount of circles. Find out where it started at, then map the area.

This is fully nonviolent, does not require you to leave your house, although it probably would not change the status quo on it’s own.

Finding "interesting" airports.

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 30 May 2020 in English (English)

Want to know where the most unmapped, most non-military, yet highly militaristic airports are? Go on, press U, find military helicopters. Click on their flight path and find where they started. I can not tell you how crazy tonight is. The amount of police choppers in the air is intense. Look something up on the news, I reassure you, there will be something in the sky.

Location: Kingfield, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, 55409, United States of America

About: Large volume of small edits

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 20 May 2020 in English (English)

Don’t worry, I am not trying to increase my edit count. I am trying to add things to the map based upon ground surveys, when I have the time, whenever it is convenient.

Bash Scripting &

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 27 April 2020 in English (English)


I need to slap down one set of 50 houses. I want to click as few things as possible. Script 1 is about this task. Script 2 is about finding the coordinates of things on your screen.

Notice: Eliminate [] before the pound sign, I needed to differentiate kramdown and BASH code. Notice 2: I have this weird spacing, otherwise journal system tries to turn a script into a paragraph.



[]#pull up script

sleep 4

[]#0.1 is to fast

for i in {1..49}


echo -e $i

[]#Find a house and click on it yourself

[]#Go to xy of use this feature xxxyyy

sleep 1.8

xdotool mousemove 35 243 click 1 &

[]#Go to xy of change this feature

sleep 0.3

xdotool mousemove 53 211 click 1 &

[]#Go to xy of option 1 house

sleep 0.3

xdotool mousemove 51 276 click 1 &


echo DONE



[]#pull up script

sleep 5

for i in {1..200}


xdotool getmouselocation –shell

eval $(xdotool getmouselocation –shell)

echo $X $Y

sleep 5


Works used:

Potential future targets for when I have time (Not for 2 weeks):

  • Another for loop for several sets of 50.
  • Search for the color pink on the screen and click it. Ask [Y/n] on the command prompt, then mark it.
  • Custom input that asks for pauses.

Dear worriers,

I know, bulk imports are bad. Don’t approve incorrect shapes. I have time to think. Also, the AI does better then I do, expect for random highly obvious errors.

Location: Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota, United States of America

My phone GPS is so inacurate, uploading a GPS trace LOWERS the quality of OSM.

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 1 April 2020 in English (English)

(Subject says it all) If the GPS that got uploaded was accurate, I would be running off road, across driveways, on sidewalks that are not yet built.

Tracing OSM Users

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 23 March 2020 in English (English)

I have realized people map what is important to them in higher quantities than other things. Thus you find the areas they have mapped over the areas they don’t map. People map the areas the know more about than the areas they don’t, thus looking at edit clusters can show where people live. Finally the tag local knowledge as a source shows where someone has been. Combining these all together can be used to track people down.

Advice for fellow New Mapers using Satellite Imagery

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 10 March 2020 in English (English)

X Axis: Resolution. Y Axis: When the image was taken. Our notion of technology: Perfect arrow going up at y=x. I was mapping this park area. I looked at 5 different Satellites. The highest quality Satellite Imagery did not show a sidewalk that a the rest of the low resolution maps showed. I had two thoughts: 1. They ripped out a perfectly good map (Nope). 2. The low quality imagery is more recent.

Imagine: Field mapping an airport and freaking out the Feds.

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 23 January 2020 in English (English)

Imagine, you want to document the location of things around the airport. To do so, you print out something from and start walking around. People start to notice. You start marking things like lights and grass. People freak out.

Invaid Area 16, not Area 51

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

Reason: It is surrounded by other areas, thus it must be the one with the treasures. Use your Mushroom Powers and you Bullet Bill to get out. /Humor

Sad but good idea: If you are about to die with no way out, mark your location on OpenStreetMaps

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

What happens when a man is alone in his house, everything is on fire in all directions, yet their is Satellite Internet? Use OpenStreetMaps, write down your full name, the contact information of one person, your last words, and a date at which OpenStreetMaps can delete the point. This will help in identifying the dead.

Military Acountability and Legality of maps.

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

OpenStreetMaps: “Caution: In some territories, it is illegal to create maps of military facilities. “

Wikipedia: “” Business Insider:

Considering the 2 examples people documenting military areas and America’s commitment to freedom I assume mapping American land use areas that feature the military is permissible?

I figure, if taking high resolution satellite imagery is legal, why not sketch out that legally obtained map, right? Anything problematic would be classified, right?

First Time

Posted by PhysicsArmature on 14 January 2020 in English (English)

This is my first time on open street maps. I think I just spent 5 hours or so randomly placing things down. Oooffffttttttaaaaa…. This is addicting to do. Now on a serious side I realized I marked the size of houses when their is probably a database someone will import that will do that for me.

I know Reddit is Full of Bots you can summon from summerizing to automod. Imagine the following. Highlight area, bot sees square like objects and creates random markings. You select any non house object and delete it. I hope that made sense. If it did not it is because I stayed up way to late.