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Posted by Pedrito on 7 January 2012 in English.

The OSM2XP project aims to bring geographic data (roads and buildings) to the X-plane flight simulation. The success of this project depends of the active mobilization of OSM contributers to fill in geographic information data of their region. Thanks to the contribution of everyone, the OSM data can be exploited in many ways, such as this one.

November 28th 2009

Posted by Pedrito on 29 November 2009 in English.

Updated the area of Matosinhos, Portugal.
Created the area of the Farol and the industrial area of Petrogal Petrochemical site. Add two gasometer and 5 smoking towers. My objective is to create a series of reference sites for VFR flight. I realize that I need to further develop my skills with blender and participate also in the openscenery projecto in order that key objects are recognized by X-VFR.

Location: 41.201, -8.712