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Settling Down For a Bit

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 11 April 2021 in English (English).

After riding the Greyhound for a day I decided on a city I want to stay in for a bit. I’m sure I mentioned this before but I want to really use this time to enjoy myself, and hiking is a perfect way for me to do that! I went on a small hike today, had to take an Uber there but it wasn’t too bad of a drive (5-7 miles ish). Locals are probably used to seeing this landmark but I had to express my opinion on it…..

Don’t get me wrong, this rock formation does look pretty cool, but I don’t see how it looks like a pair of kissing camels like everyone says. Maybe its just the angle I took the pic at? I’ll probably use some more of my pics on social media just to spice things up, see ya guys later!


Off to The Centennial State

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 9 April 2021 in English (English).

I didn’t tell any of my friends or family but I decided to take my online classes on the road. I chose to go to UW so I could see the Midwest, so its about time I actually go do that! Enjoying hiking is fitting for someone who loves maps, so I’m gonna go do that and take my classes where I can with wifi. I always thought CO was the Mountain state, but turns out that’s West Virgina Hahahaha. I guess I’m actually heading off to the Good Ol’ Centennial State. Grey Hound buses do have a pretty wide selection of stops throughout the state so I’ll just play it by ear and stay where I want, fingers crossed for a cheap Motel!

Taking a pic while in a moving bus is hard, but I tried to get what I could. More pics of my little adventure should be on my Twitter and Diary Entries at some point!

Crossing into the Centennial State

What I have Been Up To (School is not good)

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 8 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 9 April 2021.

Not the Best Week of School

I started this week off getting my GIS test score back. Lets just say I didn’t pass this one…..I guess its alright I have another midterm and a final exam, I’m just panicked about doing poorly in the class. I love GIS but I can’t take these online classes from my dorm, it just sucks. At times I just want to leave my tiny dorm and take my classes somewhere nice, McDonalds does have free wifi! I don’t think it would make my parents happy though…..

Some Brighter News!

Turns out UW has free shuttle buses for students to nearby cities, I had class off Monday for Easter so I took a nice day trip to Cheyenne! Traveling a bit is getting me in the mapping spirit, here’s a nice pic I took at Holliday Park (Nice Rainbow to brighten up my week!) Holliday Park Rainbow

The Start of my Time on OpenStreetMap

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 25 March 2021 in English (English).

I’m a freshmen studying Geospatial Information Science and I recently just came across the OpenStreetMap Platform! After a walk around town to relax tonight I felt inspired and began contributing! Noting special, just added a few missing buildings before bed.

I have a big exam coming up next week so I’m getting to bed early tonight, wish me luck!