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Settling Down For a Bit

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 11 April 2021 in English (English).

After riding the Greyhound for a day I decided on a city I want to stay in for a bit. I’m sure I mentioned this before but I want to really use this time to enjoy myself, and hiking is a perfect way for me to do that! I went on a small hike today, had to take an Uber there but it wasn’t too bad of a drive (5-7 miles ish). Locals are probably used to seeing this landmark but I had to express my opinion on it…..

Don’t get me wrong, this rock formation does look pretty cool, but I don’t see how it looks like a pair of kissing camels like everyone says. Maybe its just the angle I took the pic at? I’ll probably use some more of my pics on social media just to spice things up, see ya guys later!


I didn’t tell any of my friends or family but I decided to take my online classes on the road. I chose to go to UW so I could see the Midwest, so its about time I actually go do that! Enjoying hiking is fitting for someone who loves maps, so I’m gonna go do that and take my classes where I can with wifi. I always thought CO was the Mountain state, but turns out that’s West Virgina Hahahaha. I guess I’m actually heading off to the Good Ol’ Centennial State. Grey Hound buses do have a pretty wide selection of stops throughout the state so I’ll just play it by ear and stay where I want, fingers crossed for a cheap Motel!

Taking a pic while in a moving bus is hard, but I tried to get what I could. More pics of my little adventure should be on my Twitter and Diary Entries at some point!

Crossing into the Centennial State

What I have Been Up To (School is not good)

Posted by NikolaiM99 on 8 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 9 April 2021.

Not the Best Week of School

I started this week off getting my GIS test score back. Lets just say I didn’t pass this one…..I guess its alright I have another midterm and a final exam, I’m just panicked about doing poorly in the class. I love GIS but I can’t take these online classes from my dorm, it just sucks. At times I just want to leave my tiny dorm and take my classes somewhere nice, McDonalds does have free wifi! I don’t think it would make my parents happy though…..

Some Brighter News!

Turns out UW has free shuttle buses for students to nearby cities, I had class off Monday for Easter so I took a nice day trip to Cheyenne! Traveling a bit is getting me in the mapping spirit, here’s a nice pic I took at Holliday Park (Nice Rainbow to brighten up my week!) Holliday Park Rainbow

I’m a freshmen studying Geospatial Information Science and I recently just came across the OpenStreetMap Platform! After a walk around town to relax tonight I felt inspired and began contributing! Noting special, just added a few missing buildings before bed.

I have a big exam coming up next week so I’m getting to bed early tonight, wish me luck!