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Bogged down in Keilor

Posted by Neil Penman on 14 November 2010 in English (English)

Rode my bicycle along the Maribynong bike trail to Keilor to get some street names. There is a new conservation reserve "Afton street Conservation Reserve in Moonee Ponds which should be explored more. All the fords on the river were impassable due to the rain so I had to go the long way round through Brimbank Park to Keilor Village where I at least managed to get a good coffee. On the way back I tried to take a path along the west side of the Maribynong and got the bike hopelessly bogged. The path kept disappearing into the swollen river and tracks further higher up were churned up by trail bikes. I ended up pushing the bike up to the Ring Road and using that to cross back to the east side.

Location: Keilor East, City of Moonee Valley, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, 3033, Australia

Up to the ring road

Posted by Neil Penman on 3 May 2009 in English (English)

For the first time in a long time I worked on extending the map north to the ring road. I took the road bike out after lunch and headed up the upfield bike track into Hadfield. There I added the Pascoe Vale Gardens Retirement village. Quite a nice set up, all the roads were marked private and I was a tad worried about being confronted as really there was absolutely no reason for a bloke on a bike holding a GPS to be in the area, unless the GPS wasn't working or he was mapping.

From the village I headed north filling in missing streets and parks. Over Box Forest road I discovered that the Fawkner cemetry goes on and on further than I ever would have believed possible. Finally I came out on the ring road trail. Getting there quite quickly thanks to all the mapping that Canley has been doing in the area.

Location: Hadfield, City of Moreland, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Saturday 18th April - Castlemaine

Posted by Neil Penman on 24 April 2009 in English (English)

OK the mapping was done a week ago when OSM was down for the API06 upgrade. I loaded the data on Tuesday night shortly after the system came up and after a few teething problems with the replication the it has appeared in Mapnik. Way to go Brett and the system admins.

I took the train to Castlemaine and then started riding my bike to Maldon which is where all the mapping happened. Unfortunately the wait of my laptop and gear for the weekend slowed me down so when I got onto the Maldon road I rang Lib to come and get me.

Location: Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant, Mckenzie Hill, Campbells Creek, Shire of Mount Alexander, Loddon Mallee, Victoria, Australia

Easter Monday - Bendigo Station

Posted by Neil Penman on 13 April 2009 in English (English)

A flying visit to Bendigo today on the train. Just had time to do some very dodgy mapping of the Bendigo railway station. However the GPS proved very useful in getting the family quickly to the Central Deborah mine for our tour. By a stroke of luck we had one of the old vline trains on the way back which had started in Midura. So I was able to more accurately record the track between Bendigo and Castlemaine. I can't get any signal on my GPS in the newer VLocity trains.

Location: Bendigo, City of Greater Bendigo, Loddon Mallee, Victoria, 3550, Australia

Easter Friday - Lisle Gully Historic Walk

Posted by Neil Penman on 12 April 2009 in English (English)

I mapped the historic walk down Mount Tarrengower through Lisle's gully. There are numerous ruins of old mines, houses and workshops however I didn't mark any of those.

Location: Welshmans Reef, Welshman's Reef, Shire of Mount Alexander, Loddon Mallee, Victoria, Australia

First "incident" while mapping

Posted by Neil Penman on 16 March 2009 in English (English)

Saturday February 21st, I blew a tire on a forest track between Gisborne and Tylden. $270 to replace the front two tires, although both were quite worn so it was probably a good thing.

My spare tire on the Avensis though is only a temporary one so I was restricted to 80km/hour for the rest of the trip.

Location: Woodend, Shire of Macedon Ranges, Loddon Mallee, Victoria, Australia