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A smiling farm in Tuscany

Wow, I can see the bear too! I wonder how many of these drawings there are scattered around the world.

OSM Wiki KeyDescription or ValueDescription templates & Taginfo

As an occasional translator, reducing the superfluous work is one of my main objectives, so I’d personally love to just use “{{foobar}}” on a translated Wiki page and let it be automagically expanded to a graphically appealing infobox; in this case however, just simplifying a template, leads to another service being unable to fetch the data and then show it to their users.

Is this a serious problem? Not at all, but since accessing the OSM Wiki is generally (roughly ten times) slower than accessing Taginfo, I think that allowing the latter to properly fetch the data from the Wiki could be quite useful when one just needs to take a look at the main details of a tag/key (what the short description says, whether it can be used on areas, etc.).

In your example, you need to click on the link for because it doesn’t have a full ValueDescription template. For instead, the page shows a short description in every language for which there is a OSM Wiki page, that it can be used only on ways and that its status is “de facto”, “approved” o “In use” depending of the language (obviously the value here should be the same for all the pages but this may indicate that some translations are not updated). You only need to visit the Wiki if you want to read the full page.