Mapper since:
September 20, 2009

Hi! I am an Italian mapper since 2011 (I created this account on September 2009 but, except for a bunch of changesets, I started mapping about two years later). I usually edit features I know and that I have directly seen on the ground; from time to time, I enjoy fixing issues that are reported by one of the many Error detection tools available (mainly OSM Inspector).

I map military areas but I generally avoid mapping what is inside them.

When mapping, I usually choose a combination of one or more of the following words as the changeset source:

  • survey: I’ve been there recently (if not I generally write when), I know what I’m mapping;
  • local knowledge: some resident told me or I know it but I haven’t surveyed the place recently or at all; I’ve also used this value when fixing phone numbers in Italy because I know what a correct Italian phone number looks like;
  • Bing Aerial Imagery / Esri World Imagery / Maxar Premium Imagery / PCN 20??: the features are visible in the aerial imagery but I don’t know if they are still there
  • Mapillary/KartaView: the features are visibile in the photos from Mapillary or Kartaview;
  • receipt/flyer: I used a receipt/flyer of the place (I might still have it, you can ask me!)
  • photo: I used a photo that I took (I might still have it, you can ask me!)
  • business website: the shop/office website contains those information (I usually add the website in the object, e.g. website=
  • OSM Inspection: I have seen a strange rendering or I have found a typo in the OSM data; I usually don’t know the place
  • OSM inspector / Osmose / KeepRight / OSM note: one QA tool reported a problem which I could fix without knowing the place
  • NSI or Name-Suggestion-Index
  • MapWithAI building or road was imported using MapWithAI

Italian language below this line

Mappo principalmente nelle zone di Livorno e comuni limitrofi o comunque posti che nella maggior parte dei casi ho visitato almeno una volta.

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