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Project Map Pinedale - Completion

Posted by MRPockets on 19 August 2016 in English.

Project Complete

I have finally gotten around to finishing up the bits & pieces of Pinedale proper that I am aware were still unmapped (according to the goals I gave myself for this project). I believe now that I have succeeded in my stated goals!

Mapping Still Needed

Pinedale proper is extensively mapped (though of course there is much that could be added: sidewalks, more POIs, etc) but the outlying areas as still mostly unmapped (excepting roads). While I will continue to map the area as I can & have a desire to do so, I will not be putting much concentrated effort into it. If there are any other mappers in this area, I invite you to put some work into the areas that are still lacking.

Location: Pinedale, Sublette County, Wyoming, 82941, United States

Project Map Pinedale - Update 1

Posted by MRPockets on 14 February 2016 in English. Last updated on 15 February 2016.


Since my previous entry, much work has been accomplished! Thanks primarily to Omnific and RoadGeek_99, the vast majority of the buildings within Pinedale proper now have their footprint added to the map. I have been busy collecting addresses & as much other information about the buildings as I can. While there is still much mapping to be done (is it possible for an area to actually be fully mapped? I tend to think not as you can quite literally map trees…), the improvements to the area already are huge.

What Needs to Be Done

While I have been able to add most of the addresses to the densely populated areas of town, there are still several more sparse subdivisions & other areas that are completely untouched. There are also a few buildings within town that I missed, was unable to find an address for, or were otherwise not properly surveyed.

There are also some areas that have no building footprints added yet. They are almost exclusively outside the town administrative boundary but are addressed as in Pinedale. Additionally, there is a strip of buildings & businesses just off of Pine Street (the “buffer” between residential & business) that remain to be mapped (mostly they just need addressing & other tags added).

While not part of my declared goals, there are also lots of other features that are unmapped such as sidewalks, road signs, land uses, etc. Many of these can be mapped just from the Bing imagery but many will also require a proper survey.


As part of my work on this project I have (re)discovered the loc_name tag. It is a wonderful tag that lets mappers distinguish between an official and colloquial name for a feature. I have been able to use it twice already.

I have mentioned Omnific and RoadGeek_MD99, but thanks also to Piskvor for working on the New Fork & Green rivers and Pine Creek. Waterway mapping is probably one of my least favorite parts of contributing to OSM as it is (in my opinion) rather boring.

Location: Pinedale, Sublette County, Wyoming, 82941, United States

First Entry

Posted by MRPockets on 4 February 2016 in English.

I’ve been a member of OSM for just under 2 years and I suppose I ought to start using this diary.

Project Map Pinedale

For the past few months, the majority of my activity has been targeted at the town of Pinedale, Wyoming, United States. This was (and still is) a very under-mapped town by most standards. So far, I have been able to map the majority of the businesses & buildings on main street (Pine Street). The remainder of the town on the map is almost exclusively roads at this point with some scattered buildings.


My personal goal for the next few months will be to map every major building (basically everything with the exception of some outbuildings, sheds, etc). Besides merely creating building outlines, I would like to tag each building with its proper address and any other information I can gather on it. Additionally, I will improve road mappings as I notice deficiencies. Ideally, I will be able to accomplish all this by the end of August.


I will try to continue adding to my diary with status updates & possibly projected end-dates for this project.

On the odd chance someone else sees this entry & would like to contribute to this project, I would love to hear from you!

Location: Pinedale, Sublette County, Wyoming, 82941, United States