Mapper since:
May 20, 2011

In the beginning

Initially, through working with the Killyfole and District Development Association (KDDA), we needed a way of displaying local features on a map. In 2011, I discovered OpenStreetMap when looking for an alternative to the more popular mapping solutions (Google, Ordinance Survey). The main goal was to be able to map townlands, but at this time OSM data was limited to major roads and settlements, and even these had many errors.

Initially, I started out recording GPS tracks as I went about my business. Instead of taking the main roads I started exploring country roads and found myself on ones I haven’t been on before! With the release of Bing imagery for the area I decided to expand out of Fermanagh into neighbouring counties, but of course County Fermanagh is my home and this area gets the majority of my attention. My edits heat map -

OSM Ireland

Over the years I have had much help from the OSM Ireland community and would like to thank them for all their help. Especially obtaining the GSGS 3906 maps. These maps have been invaluable in mapping townlands and as of August 2014, County Fermanagh has all its townland’s mapped. Of course there are probably some errors and these will be fixed as and when my attention is drawn to them. To find out more about the OSM Ireland, please visit our website at

Magheraveely Community Development Association

In January 2020 the KDDA took the decision to dissolve as a group. This potentially left this account in limbo, so I asked a neighbouring community group if they want to take on the activities and they agreed. So the OSM account was transfer over to under the MCDA control and updated to reflect the change.

Goals Met

  • Mapped places of interest in the Killyfole area (see it here)
  • Mapped all the townlands in County Fermanagh (see them here)
  • Mapped the remaining townlands of the new super-council Fermanagh and Omagh District Council which took over operations in April 2015 (see it here)
  • Expand the townland coverage into Co Monaghan, Co Tyrone (Done) and Co Cavan, all of which border Co. Fermanagh.

Future Goals

  • Map the new addresses and road names handed out by the Fermanagh Rural Address Project.
  • Promote and aid the creation of local OSM chapter - “OSM Ireland”, to become a group with members both North and South, to support, promote and provide technical resources to those people mapping on the island of Ireland. Try and establish an on-line community for OSM Ireland
  • Locate and map AED’s in County Fermanagh
  • Support local businesses in regards geodata and mapping needs
  • Support local community activities and tourism projects with mapping needs