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CJK fonts missing in standard layer (follow-up)

Thanks for the information. I will report again to the openstreetmap-carto issue.

CJK fonts missing in standard layer

I may have figured out the reason. In Debian testing or Ubuntu, Noto Sans CJK fonts are not included in the fonts-noto package, but in another package named fonts-noto-cjk.

I have sent the pull reqeust to `openstreetmap-carto’:

CJK fonts missing in standard layer

Is seems that the font rendering still bad now. Is there any possible explanation?

Improving the OSM Map - why don't we? [11]

@Wynndale: Some are translated but not the most part. :(

Improving the OSM Map - why don't we? [11]

The place you pointed out is in the Tainan City, Taiwan. As a mapper in Taiwan, I have some comment about the issue.

The place=hamlet usage on the map is quiet reasonable to me. It is in the Jiangjun District of Tainan City. Tainan City is now a very large administrative area, containing urban area, suburbs, separated villages. Take a look at the satellite imagery of this region can show you that usage of place=hamlet may be not that worse:


We are importing GNS data in Taiwan, and the names included are just as much as this region in most of the western plain in Taiwan.

But when it comes to the Chinese tag, I am also opposed to it. I don’t think it is a good idea to take the “ancestral home” on the map either. I will report the issue to our local community :)

Celebrating Open Data Maps in Taiwan -- By Tracing it Hard

Historically the map in Taiwan was under heavy “security” concern due to the civil war between ROC and PRC (plus: You must draw the mainland China as the ROC still owned it). This concern was then gradually degraded with democracy status of Taiwan. In 2004, the map in Taiwan no longer required government review before publishing (Now PRC still required it.)

All of the government map will erase all military zones for security concern though. But the law to enforce that is becoming unclear., especially after the AH-64E leak scandal in Taiwan.

Celebrating Open Data Maps in Taiwan -- By Tracing it Hard

If you can read Chinese, you can read this wonderful slide about changes of governement license:

It was made after discussions between the government affairs like Executive Yuan and National Development Council, and communities like and Open Data Alliance Taiwan. The license , espcially the CC-BY convertible part, was strong affected by efforts made in Germany, UK and Japan. In Taiwan, It took g0v a day to write license draft, but half year of discussions to have a newer license.

Also, OSM Taiwan mappers and NLSC had got in touch simutaneously during the discussions. So much hard work made us able to trace today. :)

Celebrating Open Data Maps in Taiwan -- By Tracing it Hard

The military areas are already ignored in official map data, so it is not a concern for us :)

SSL Tile Down?

It’s working now! :)

SSL Tile Down?