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It was 19th-21st when a wonderful conference called State of the Map Africa took place. Where the main purpose is to bring together all participants in the field of mapping all over the world to discuss challenges, learn, and after all to have fun. First I would like to thank everyone who took part to make this conference successful and memorable events, starting from our organizer, volunteers, presenter as well all participants. Many thanks to our partners who help this event with money as we all know that one of the challenges that hinder mapping activities is expensive of the data and unstable internet. I am sure without your support some of us did not manage to participate in this wonderful!!! events. Indeed, it was a nice place to be and the proof has been given that mapping can answer any question and it applies in all fields. For example, one of the presenters Christine Mhone from Malawi proof that the knowledge and skills of mapping can be useful to the department of health, environment even the department of disaster risk management. Not only in Malawi but also in Nigeria where they use Mapping data in preparation and response in disaster response. More interesting thing is that in this field I have leant that we have all kinds of people with various talent that makes this field more admirable like software developers like Martijn who develop Maproutette which I started using soon after the conference indeed it makes my mapping activities easier. I also learned more about OSM data and the reasons why it is important to keep mapping, open-source software that we can use in the field of mapping just to mention few. Once more I would like to give respect to our organizers who tried their level best to make this event successful despite the pressure of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Thank you very much.

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