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New Proposals

Posted by LeifRasmussen on 3 January 2019 in English (English)

The new key interval=* for adding the departure times interval of a public transport route was recently approved after two weeks of voting.
I have created a new wiki page to document this key:

Full schedule information, however, is still impossible. I originally proposed using “timetable relations” to add full schedule information to routes. I have since realized that this system would quickly become an out-of-date mess.
I have now simplified the proposal to be easier to add and maintain, while still keeping most of the same information in the database.

The key departures=* is my solution to keeping timetables simple and easy to maintain.

I would really like people to give feedback to help make this proposal work for everyone. I know that for many bus routes, it would be very difficult to add and maintain full schedule information. Those routes should therefore only be given the tag interval=*. Others, however, including many ferry routes, would be very easy to add schedule information to.

Please use the talk page for giving feedback.


Copying from Google Maps

Posted by LeifRasmussen on 4 June 2018 in English (English)

Some OSM users copy from Google Maps. Others go as far as to add the tag “source”=”Google Maps” to features. By using Overpass Turbo, I was able to find all objects with “source” = “Google” and “Source” = “Google Maps”. This returned 2734 different features attributed to Google Maps. Click either the link above or this one to see every single one. Perhaps we can fix or delete them all together.
Please note that Overpass Turbo may take a minute or two to search the entire globe for “source”=”Google Maps”.

Streets as Areas

Posted by LeifRasmussen on 21 September 2017 in English (English)

I recently added “area roads” to downtown Durham, NC. I made the surface of the roads visible on Openstreetmap. I was wondering if their is any specific way to map road areas. I currently map them as “area = highway” and “highway = service”. Feel free to check it out!

Downtown Durham

Downtown Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Public Library

All three links lead to a place in Openstreetmap where I mapped roads as areas.

I anyone else mapped roads as areas, please reply a link to the location!

Location: 318, American Tobacco Historic District, Hayes, Durham, Durham County, North Carolina, 27701, United States of America

Easy way to improve OpenStreetMap data.

Posted by LeifRasmussen on 24 August 2017 in English (English)

Many new mappers will mistake similar classifications when mapping new features. For example, when I first started mapping, I would mark areas as “forest”, when I meant “wood”. I also marked “meadow” instead of “grass” in many places. Others confuse “footpath” and “path”, “residential area” and “apartments”, and “nature preserve” and “park”. If OpenStreetMap could add a pop-up that would say “did you mean” followed by a similar tag to the one that the mapper just selected and a comparison of the two tags, then new mappers could more accurately map areas.