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closed 3820176 Johnny Mapperseed

Appears to be closed - can someone confirm?

open 324432 Bryce C Nesbitt

Location built from press release, might not be 100% accurate. Would you be willing to have look and move the pin?

closed 3660295 Johnny Mapperseed

FIXME: Can't edit now due to device issues otherwise I'd do it myself.

The section between East Hobart Ave and East Edgar Ave is posted, and shouldn't be used by the public. Didn't look too pleasant of a drive anyhow.

closed 2725281 Joseph Hallstrom

2330 S. Main

open 3660297 Johnny Mapperseed

When I was driving past, "The China" looked like it may have closed, but I didn't really get a good look. If I get the opportunity, I'll survey this area soon, but if you happen to be going by, I'd appreciate it if someone took a look.

open 3660296 Johnny Mapperseed

When I was a new mapper, I recall editing around here. There was an import historical train track that didn't exist anymore, but the scars from it may still exist in the geometry of the streets, or perhaps in other areas. Perhaps it should be restored?

closed 150888 andrewrasner

There may be several more houses around here that are covered by trees in the satellite imagery. Needs in-person verification.

closed 385525


closed 558392 Johnny Mapperseed

Hi! I appreciate these efforts to map farmland, but is this really the right way to do it? A giant polygon covers lots of land, but also misses minute details.

closed 214666


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