Johnny Mapperseed

Mapper since:
August 23, 2013

Who am I?

I am a person that maps things in Ohio (And some other places too)!

My first mapping experience goes back to some edutainment game, I think it was Make-A-Map 3D? I got my start doing real amateur mapping with Google Maps Maker program around 2012 to help my communities of interest (Findlay, Ohio - Houcktown, Ohio - Kent, Ohio). After I got weary of the review process I began mapping on OpenStreetMap instead and found it more enjoyable, as I could see my changes in real time. After considering the OSM Wikipage I switched to mapping OSM exclusively. From here I began editing Wikis and other open content projects as well.


Wanna contact me? Shoot me a message using this website! I read my messages here!


I like iD, and JOSM. (I often use computers that can’t run JOSM though, so iD is my default)